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UI/UX Designer


Full Timeui/uxTokyoJapanPosted 1 years ago

You will be responsible for working on fundamental information architecture, designing UIs for reusable components and communicating with our users to keep improving it.

Job Description

  • Build information architecture according to the user’s mental model
  • Create a roadmap for UI along with the product’s evolution
  • Implement Autify’s UI

Why this is an exciting role

Running E2E testing in a cross-browser is a very complex task. Here at Autify, we're struggling hard to liberate it even for non-engineers. In order to achieve it, we need to design information architecture carefully not to force users to dive in too much technical detail while letting them configure it when they need to.

If you love to organize complex information into the understandable structure and to maximizing users' performance with the power of the design in a fast-growing company, we believe it's a dream job for you!


  • Design experience for web application’s UI/UX
  • Design with Sketch, Photoshop, or Illustrator
  • Development experience for web frontend with HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  • Developed frontend applications using a JavaScript framework such as React or Vue.js
  • Web application development experience using Ruby on Rails

Our Development Process

We're running an iterative agile development process but are not strictly following the Scrum development process because this allows us to be flexible. While we have no concrete sprint for a week, we have a planning meeting every week to decide what issues should be addressed the next week in addition to a daily standup meeting.

Development Environment

  • Frontend
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Babel, React, Redux, Jest, Webpack, Parcel

  • Server-side
    Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python

  • Database

  • Infrastructure
    AWS, Docker, Redis

  • Others
    Slack, Airtable, JIRA, Asana, GitHub, GitHub App, CircleCI, Mixmax, Zoom, 1Password, Sketch, Jekyll, Sentry, Netlify, Open API

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