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Product Designer

Octopus Deploy

The best product development job in the world? We think so.

We are looking for people who live and work in Australia to join our remote-first team. You will be working on Octopus Deploy, the most popular deployment automation tool in the world. This means everything you do will positively affect the lives of thousands of software developers around the world.

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As Product Designer, you will be working with one of three development teams who work across the entire Octopus ecosystem. We shape, bet, and build using a method inspired by Shape Up. Designers at Octopus help shape projects and work with the engineering teams during their 8-week build cycle. A designer's work brings clarity and direction to projects in using appropriate UX methods like user stories, workflows and prototypes. You will probably be surprised at how collaboratively we work both inside and across our teams, even though our teams work remotely. We take pride in our hard-earned, friendly, consensus-building, and ever-improving remote-first culture.

Octopus is not a startup. We do not need venture capital, we have been a sustainably profitable business from day one. We care about building a sustainable company and we do this by helping customers succeed, leaving increased revenue as a happy byproduct.

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You will be a great fit for this role if...

    • You have a firm grasp of UX methodologies and interaction design.
    • You are proficient in design tools such as Sketch or Adobe CC, handoff tools such as Zeplin or Invision.
    • You are proficient in HTML and CSS.
    • You are comfortable modifying an existing frontend codebase using a modern framework such as React, Vue or Angular.
    • You are an experienced individual contributor or leader in a similar role.
    • You have experience working in an agile environment with engineers.
    • You are comfortable making good decisions with general concepts like usability, user experience, and design; and perhaps you are a specialist in an area of product design.

You will enjoy this role if...

    • You are able to work independently, motivating yourself to do high-quality work on time.
    • You enjoy collaborating with other people to solve problems, challenging each other to discover the best solution for a problem, using a balance of passion, pragmatism, and empathy.
    • You are a results-oriented person, someone who is focused on iteratively delivering valuable things to your customers, someone who willingly changes direction based on clear and transparent business information, and someone who helps others do the same.

A typical day might include...

    • Working where you work best, perhaps in a home office designed by you, using a device of your choosing, with or without music, in an atmosphere you create for yourself.
    • Pairing with an engineer, product owner, or another designer to solve a UX, usability, or UI problem.
    • Collaborating on projects with your team.
    • Making frontend changes to the Octopus Server product to reduce design debt or bugs.
    • Using your UX methodology to contribute to a pitch.
    • Collaborating with engineers, debating ideas, and working together towards the best outcome for our users.
About the company

We make Octopus Deploy, software that enables teams to deliver working software to production. We've become the "best in class" tool in our category by focusing on doing one thing and doing it very well. Founded in 2012, we now have over 20,000 happy customers around the world, and we employ 50 wonderful people.

We're not VC-funded; we've been profitable since day one and there's no big exit plan. It's all about the journey and building something that will last forever. In 2017 we were the #3 fastest growing company in Australia, and while we've grown quickly, we've done it conservatively. Our business model is all around understanding our customers, building great software, backing it up with great support and customer service, and making it incredibly easy to discover, learn and use.

Most of our team is based in Brisbane, Australia, where the company started, though we've spread to other parts of Australia, the US, UK, and Argentina. Because our team is distributed, everyone works from home most of the week, so we've built a remote-first culture. 

We hope that you'll do your best work while at Octopus, and we trust you to find ways to work that work best for you and invest in your journey. That means freedom to choose the best location from which to work each day: it might mean working from home, from an office, a cafe, or a co-working place, or some combination through the day - whatever makes you most productive and able to do your best work that day. We know that great knowledge workers need great tools, and we have various programs available including a program to choose your own laptop, and an allowance for setting up the ultimate home office set up. We have a helpful, personable approach to feedback (1:1's and 360 reviews from your peers), a professional development program that revolves around your career journey and preparing you for the future, and a standardized approach to salary & job title reviews.

Most importantly, we believe that what matters most in a job is the people you work with each day, knowing you're working on something that matters, where your work is appreciated, you have the opportunity to learn and grow, and where you have a manager that supports you. We work hard every day to ensure Octopus is a great place to work by those measures.
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