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Senior UX Designer


Full TimeuxRemotePosted 1 years ago
SessionLab is the leading platform for workshop facilitation and process design. Too much time is wasted at poorly planned and badly facilitated meetings and workshops, and we are working to empower people to design and run better workshops.

More than 30.000 professionals, many of whom are designers, use our Software-as-a-Service product and we are proud to receive regular praise from our customers.

We are looking for a motivated UX designer to help our customers succeed in using SessionLab.

You'll be our main designer, working with our CTO, product owner, and front-end developer to take our product UX and design to the next level. You will be participating in all stages of the design process and will have a real impact on the product. 

We are a bootstrapped software business, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, and working across Europe with a fully remote 5-person team (team members currently in Sweden, Hungary, UK, Russia and Spain). Therefore, we are looking for somebody who is self-motivated, independent and who ideally has previous remote working experience.

What we are looking for:

  • You have experience working both on web and mobile apps.
  • You are a generalist with a wide set of design skills including user experience design, user interface design, information design and visual design (the order we’ve listed these skills here indicates our priorities).
  • You understand technical constraints, their impact, and can adjust your design approach accordingly. You enjoy the problem solving aspects of complex design challenges.
  • You are able to break down complex new designs into smaller design improvements that can be applied gradually instead of having one big release.
  • You seek to take on responsibilities and take ownership of the work you do.
  • You thrive working independently, but also enjoy collaborating with people from different disciplines and you always try to look at the big picture.
  • You are good at communicating with people from various backgrounds (e.g. developers, marketers, end-users).
  • Ability to navigate in the entire product development process, from discovery through to delivery and monitoring of the implemented solution.
  • Experience working remotely.
  • You are based within the time zones of UTC-1 to UTC+3

Advantages (not a must, but a big plus):

  • Any prior experience with workshop facilitation
  • Previous experience with SaaS products
  • Experience working closely with product managers and product owners - i.e. you are interested in taking an ownership of a complete product
  • Experience with modern collaborative UI design tools (e.g. Sketch, Adobe XD, Abstract, InVision)
  • UX copywriting experience.

So, what will I be doing?

To give you an honest perspective of where we are now: in the past few years we have built SessionLab without an experienced designer on our team.

Now that we have growing capacity and appetite, not having a design-skilled person on the team slows down the development of user-facing features of our web app, not to mention increases our design debt.

This is where you come into the picture: we need someone to take ownership of our product design and make sure that we ship consistently good UX to our customers as we build the product further.

In more practical terms:

  • Collaboratively develop, implement and lead an effective design process.
  • Conduct user research and collaborate with our customer support team to gain better understanding of our users.
  • Work with our CTO, front-end developer and product owner to create elegant and thoughtful designs based on user needs and technical constraints.
  • Design new features but also gradually improving the overall UX of the application (we know it’s far from perfect).
  • Working both on current web app and future mobile application.
  • Develop coherent visual and design guidelines.
  • Working with our marketing team on improving UX of our public content (website, promotional materials, social media pages).
  • Design production-ready assets and materials, including icons, landing pages, digital ad creatives.

Why is this great for me?

  • Opportunity to get involved early in building and scaling a digital product. As the first dedicated designer on the team, you will take the lead and full overview of our design process.
  • Your role and responsibility will grow as our company grows.
  • Work remotely and create your own schedule (we believe in trust and autonomy)
  • Stable working environment that values work-life balance 
  • Motivated co-workers
  • You will also have a chance to travel a couple of times per year to live company meetings.​
  • Open-minded working culture where we encourage sharing opinions and feedback. 
  • You are passionate about creating great user experiences 🙂


The budgeted compensation range for this role is between €48,000 to €72,000 annually on B2B contract or matching gross salary as an employee (official employment status only available in certain countries). The actual compensation offered to a successful candidate will be based on relative experience and skills.

The compensation includes 20 calendar days per year plus your local holidays as paid time off, and additional remote working or home office setup support.

Application process

  1. Fill in and submit the application form
  2. A short (up to 30-minute) non-technical video interview. (There will be no design assignment here, just a chat with one of the founders of SessionLab)
  3. A hands-on design interview (60-minute video call)
  4. The final candidate(s) are invited to a paid take-home project work. (A design project with a tangible deliverable that can be completed with overall ~10 hours of work over the duration of 1-2 weeks. You will develop a solution for real-life challenge and collaborate with our team over email/Slack/video)

Ready to join us in developing the greatest workshop design experience?

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