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Position & Purpose Summary
AVIA is looking for an ambitious UX Designer with experience in data-driven app design. We’re focusing on our flagship product, AVIA Connect, which is a knowledge-sharing and collaboration platform that helps accelerate digital innovation in healthcare. The ideal candidate will be excited about the opportunity to play a role in the creation of our user experience and visual design. Responsibilities include:
  Designing and delivering mockups and high-fidelity user interfaces and prototypes for a variety of devices and interfaces
  Improving the user experience related to core functionality and new features
  Continual research, conceiving, sketching, and prototyping
  Communicating design ideas and prototypes to developers, working directly to provide product specs and assets
  Evaluating our current app and recommending improvements
  Designing graphic interface elements, like menus, tabs, and widgets
  Working with other designers, product managers, engineering and users to conceptualize and iterate on designs

So Who is AVIA?
AVIA runs the nation’s leading network for health systems unlocking the power of digital technologies in everything they do. We guide a growing roster of over 40 health system Network Members—including major academic medical centers, large integrated delivery networks, and community hospitals—to create the efficient, effective health system their families and communities want, and their payers demand.  And we are expanding into new Industry segments, such as Children’s Hospitals, Payors, and Provider-based Plans, with contracts already in place to market test expansion opportunities.
AVIA Network Members trust us to help them create and execute concrete plans to accelerate their future-readiness. Here’s how we do it:

    • We relate their strategic challenges, plans and goals to Digital Capability Roadmaps.
    • We identify digital solutions and companies that match key capabilities Members share the need to create or improve.
    • We enable the group dynamic that leads to smarter investments in capabilities with thoughtful business cases and solution implementation plans.
    • We help them build Innovation Capacity – the ability to govern and manage their own work better, implement technology-enabled capabilities, and operate digital assets--leading to a more automated delivery system, faster.
    • We support successful  implementations (the hardest part of making digital actually work), through the power of the network by curating best practices, facilitating user groups, providing tools to align stakeholders, and benchmarking results.
    • We deliver our work on a proprietary platform that’s purpose-built for innovation teams to build and manage their enterprise-wide digital portfolios.
    • We cross-pollinate, sharing learnings and outcomes among Members across the Network.

    • AVIA’s model creates a unique opportunity to frame “what good looks like” for an entirely new class of assets--digital solutions--and influence the next decade of investments being made by the most influential and iconic health systems.  

Your Zone of Genius will be...

    • Follow a user-centric design approach, rapidly testing and iterating
    • Thinking about users and problems they encounter
    • Observant and love asking questions to find out more about what drives people’s behavior
    • Understanding where design meets real people
    • Valuing bold ideas, attention to detail, and appetite to work on hard problems
    • Thinking at all layers, from product design, to interaction, to beautiful pixels
    • Performing among the best in the field and willing to work with peers who challenge you

Minimum Qualifications:

    • You hold a Bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to visual design and/or user experience design (preferred)
    • You have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a fast-paced, start-up or agency environment (preferred)
    • You have an ownership mindset and take 100% accountability for your work
    • You have the ability to absorb data and processes and translate into thoughtful user-centered designs
    • You bring stellar design thinking skills; you know how to break complex problems down into component parts, prioritize their value, and deliver concise, actionable designs
    • You possess excellent written/verbal communication; you are persuasive, motivating, and clear; your active listening skills set you apart.
    • You prioritize action over risk-aversion, Minimum Viable Product over perfection, and results over activity
    • You have excellent people and management skills to interact with colleagues, cross-functional teams, and third parties.

You're excited about AVIA and this opportunity because…

    • You want to make an outsized investment of your time and talent in a growing company, and for that, be paid well, earn an ownership interest in the company via profit options, and enjoy great benefits.
    • We are different.  We are a successful, well-funded, fast-growing company that still prides itself on our start-up agility and risk-taking and celebrating (big wins, our diversity, and simple pleasures, like National Chocolate Lovers Day).  We have enough infrastructure that every day isn’t a fire drill.
    • We do work that matters—a lot—making exciting things happen in healthcare at a moment when exciting things really need to happen:  creative destruction of failed systems and blossoming of more efficient alternatives that create better experiences and win-for-all outcomes.
    • We are each allowed to be—expected to be! —creative daily. 
    • You’ve noticed—and appreciate—that we are genuinely committed to our Members and mission.  It’s not just lip service to build a company.
    • You think we seem like cool, committed, smart people.  And with all due humility, yes, we really are. Passionate, practical, high-achieving and results-oriented, we also love to laugh, spitball big ideas, celebrate shared success, and share funny, embarrassing stories about our family members.

We're excited about you because...

    • We are parched for your Zone of Genius at this moment in our growth and development.
    • You have a bias to action, prize results over activity, value speed to market, and strive for efficiency.
    • You thrive in situations with big opportunity and limited direction.  They bring out your best talents to create, solve, own, guide, drive and stretch yourself and others.
    • You share our intense curiosity about the impact of technology on our world, and want to bring that lens to bear on making a significant positive difference. Even though your native language is systems and data, you understand that when it comes to health care, behind every trend line and data point is a real person, and n=1.

Submission Request:

    • Please submit your portfolio along with your resume.
AVIA runs the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform through digital strategy. The AVIA Innovator Network brings together action-oriented health systems to solve pressing challenges that are ripe for digital innovation. Network members collaborate on strategic initiatives like consumer engagement and post-discharge success. With AVIA’s rigorous process and the power of collaboration, members identify, deploy, and scale the best digital solutions to achieve financial and clinical impact. The result? Health systems accelerate their pace of transformation – moving faster with greater confidence. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.    

Our company is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, veteran or military status, unfavorable military discharge, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.
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