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Full Timeproduct$80k – $130kSan FranciscoUnited StatesRemotePosted 9 months ago

Every engineer has heard some form of the question "did you update the ticket?".

Hearing it doesn't feel great. At best, it means one more thing on your to-do list. At worst, it signals a breakdown in communication.

Instantish's goal is to create a world where no one ever has to ask this question.

We believe if your issues are out-of-date, that's not a people problem. It's a product problem. So it's solvable.

What are we doing to reach this goal?

  1. Building an issue tracker that lives in your chat (meaning it's 10 times easier to keep up-to-date).
  2. Working with teams to find a truly minimalist issue tracking process.

A few trends Instantish is planning for

  1. Work will continue to feel less like work. Teams will communicate faster and more casually (in chat, voice, and video formats), and will expect their tools to be there too.
  2. Planning/collaborating/communicating will be more widely recognized as a high-leverage part of the engineering process. See Tanya Reilly's talk on Glue Work.
  3. Early-stage startups will increasingly value tools that help them start shipping meaningful product in their first week.

The role

This role is unique because we're building for relatively new interfaces (chat, video, and voice), so the typical rules of web design don't always apply.

For example, when designing for Slack, you have to consider vertical space, noise, and permanence. It's a whole new kind of challenge.

As the first design hire, this role has a lot of responsibility, which will likely include product management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Crafting a consistent look and feel across multiple platforms. A current user trying our product on a second platform should generally know what to expect.
  • Working with engineers to understand the "why" behind product decisions and implement designs.
  • Driving the product design process.
  • Interviewing, participating in hiring decisions, and onboarding new team members.
  • Dogfooding the product. Diligent issue tracking is our not-so-secret advantage when it comes to shipping quickly and consistently.
  • Talking to customers openly about their issue tracking needs. Many of our early teams love to be a part of the process.
  • Working with engineering to hone our analytics strategy. Every new feature incorporates analytics, and if the numbers aren't adding up, we scrap it.


When applying, please include a short note (<5 lines) sharing the following:

  • Your past experience designing on a high-growth team.
  • Why you think issue tracking is important.

Thanks for your time,


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