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Senior Experience Designer


At projekt202, we are focused on creating experiences that engage, innovate, disrupt and delight. Our team is passionate about user-centric design and development and enjoys delivering amazing concepts and technical solutions for our courageous clients. We enjoy working together to share our expertise and solve our clients’ business challenges.  We have fun and enjoy hanging out with each other in a culture that supports and celebrates our diverse talents, backgrounds and skills.
What you care about
*You draw energy from human interaction. You're confident but not pompous.
*You are driven to know more, to know why, to ask what if.
*You're a born collaborator, and truly appreciate the perspectives of other brains. You respect and attract your colleagues and client's opinions. You believe that you very well might not know the answer. You ask great questions.
*You thrive in uncharted territory. The uncertain and unknown are your playgrounds. Your personal compass pushes you out of your comfort zones. Your leadership inspires your colleagues and earns the respect of our clients.
*You are a communicator. You are able to take an ask and turn it into understandable and actionable ideas. You break down the complex into the simple.

Position Overview: As a Senior Experience Designer, you deliver at high velocity with high attention to detail and are expected to lead a workstream. You are skilled in best practices and are a solid presenter. A big part of your role is to be the primary subject matter expert on a project as it relates to experience design and ramp up quickly to own the brain space of a client’s vertical. You are self-motivated and a good time-manager, allowing you to have a high capacity (and appetite) for complex work. These strengths will help you to realistically size your tasks and those of your peers, as well as recognize and escalate risks to scope when they appear. Additionally, your knowledge of established tools is deep in your muscle memory, and you seek out information on emerging tools. You have been practicing design for 5-10+ years. You have a high tolerance for ambiguity and know how to build and persuasively deliver rationale.
The Senior Experience Designer works to establish and drive the creative vision of a project. The Senior Experience Designer directly collaborates with Experience Researchers, Technologists, and other Experience Designers on the project team, leading in the creation of user interface renderings and specifications.
Position Summary: The Senior Experience Designer is responsible for the execution and delivery of creative design deliverables.  The Senior Experience Designer is a strong, well-rounded designer who is comfortable giving creative direction and supports creative mentorship of other designers on the project team.  The Senior Experience Designer is able to confidently articulate how the design solution answers user needs, business goals, technical constraints, and other project facets.  The Senior Experience Designer is ultimately accountable for the production of high-quality, innovative design solutions.
Primary Job Responsibilities:
·        Work collaboratively with other design disciplines to ensure continuity, leverage other specializations, and maintain holistic perspective
o   Collaborate with Design Researchers on translating research findings into potential design solutions
o   Analyze products and create various product research deliverables (i.e. heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, etc.)
o   Work with client and project team to gather user/design requirements
o   Develop use cases (from client requirements) at user goal level
o   Participate in opportunity brainstorming and prioritization
·        Lead the preparation of design deliverables by shaping the creative direction into design solutions and specific tasks
o   Holds holistic creative goals in mind when designing
o   Explores creative solutions and innovates in a consistent manner
o   Delivers solutions on time for internal reviews with Experience Director
o   Possesses ownership of design solutions created by team
·        Ensure quality of creative deliverables and presentations
o   Reviews own work and that of others on the project team before internal reviews to minimize critique of design flaws and provides creative guidance to project team members on day-to-day basis
o   Ensures quality of deliverable is in line with methodology, best practice, trends, company standards and SOW.
o   Define and evolve comprehensive UI design specifications
o   Conduct quality reviews of deliverables in terms of missing requirements, grammar, presentation, flow, etc.
o   Delivers solutions on time for internal reviews with Experience Director
·        Presents creative solutions to clients with well-articulated and relevant rationale
·        Reviews project responsibilities and timelines, anticipating challenges and opportunities to exceed expectations within the project budget
·        Identifies and proactively raise risks for when deliverables are in jeopardy of not being created timely or of appropriate quality
·        Fields, documents and ensures resolution of client/vendor questions, requests and concerns via appropriate projekt202 team members
·        Keeps meetings on track and filters out disruptive or uninformed information
·        Mentors other designers through demonstration and clear process explanation
·        Effectively communicates projekt202’s value in pre-sales activities such as networking and works directly with project leadership to shape the project vision
·        Shares their point of view regarding industry trends with the team and confidently uses relevant opinions and past experience to help clients understand complex design principles and project needs
·        May lead design team within the project
Learning Opportunities:
·        Delivery methodologies
·        Scoping work for others and building project plans and estimates
·        Team dynamics
·        How business is generated at projekt202
·        Managing long-term client expectations
·        How to give critical feedback to peers
·        How to manage feedback from clients
·        New tools and methods
Lead By: As a Senior Experience Designer, you lead by setting a high bar for delivery and being a source of knowledge for other designers at the delivery level. You remove blocks for your team and enable other designers on their workstreams to deliver their best work. You stay ahead of the work and ensure your workstream is operating smoothly. And while not as glamorous, you can lead by consistently showing up on time, meeting your deadlines, maintaining a continuous and clear line of communication with your manager(s), and bringing new ideas to the table.

Qualifications and Requirements:
·        5 years professional experience with interaction and visual design for software user interfaces
·        Experience with conceptual design and creative prototypes as well as tactical UI design and implementation
·        Understands and can communicate effectively regarding UI design process, methods and rationale
·        General understanding of user research techniques and their value in the design process
·        Abreast of UI design best practices, trends and techniques
·        Knowledge of the software development lifecycle
·        Expert experience with design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
·        Basic understanding of technical platforms and terms (i.e. HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, Java, .NET, XAML/WPF, Flex etc.)
·        Positive attitude, proactive and helpful
·        Ability to motivate others
·        Problem solver (not just good at pointing them out) and negotiator
·        Strong listening and communication skills
·        Solid organizational skills and solid attention to detail
·        Strong wireframing skills
·        Investigative nature
·        Empathy and a strong sense of narrative
·        Familiarity with basic typography and layout patterns
·        Stellar Portfolio
Education:  Bachelor and/or Master Degree in a Relevant Field of Study (i.e. Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science, Graphic Design, New Media, Engineering, Liberal Arts, etc.)

If this sounds like you, let's talk. Please visit to hear from our leadership team on why you should join us on this amazing journey!

Direct applicants only, no agency submittals please.

At this time, projekt202 does not provide sponsorship.
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