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UX/UI Designer

SportsBiz Group

Immediate position to fill in fast-growing start-up based in NYC. Seeking highy motivated member of our design team to contribute to SportsBiz in bringing sports data to life. Will work with Head of Design to build initial prototype and subsequent suite of products within one-year time-frame.

I. Responsibilities:
1. Take broad, conceptual ideas and turn them into something useful and valuable for our B2B users
2. Design flows and experiences that are incredibly simple and elegant
Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the product and executive teams
3. Passion for start-up culture and continuous iteration of products to serve client base.

II. Minimum Qualifications:
1. Communication experience (Ability to collaborate fluently in English)
2. Portfolio demonstrating past UX-UI work
3. Demonstrated experience with end-to-end (hybrid UX and UI) product design

III. Preferred Qualifications:
1. 3+ years of product design experience
2. Outstanding human relations skills and love of team play
3. Experience designing for Big Data and database product solutions
4. A passion for professional sports
5. Must be able to thrive in a fast-paced, fluid, pre-Series A fundraising environment as SportsBiz is going to market to raise $6.5M commencing the third week of January
6. May commence as part-time team member and transition to full-time upon company's securing of major round of fundraising

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