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UX Researcher

Polymath Ventures

Full TimeresearchRemotePosted 1 years ago

Polymath Ventures has partnered with a Korean video gaming company to investigate the user experience of the gaming platform over a 4-week project. The objective of the project is to understand the user experience of the platform in three touchpoints: 1) Registration, 2) Way to game play, and 3) Payment to purchase game tokens, as well as to identify areas of improvement in the user experience and provide recommendations on how to improve.

We are looking for an experienced UX researcher to implement the project throughout the design, research, synthesis and report phases. The project is remote, and will consist of 15 in-depth interviews with existing users and non-users of the platform that are based in Peru, Colombia or Brazil. The UX researcher will work closely with the engagement lead and work as the project content lead to spearhead the planning and conducting of user research and ensure quality implementation and results.


  • E-meet clients to gather information about their requirements and define plan for UX research
  • Investigate the platform to be researched and understand the key touchpoints that make part of the customer journey
  • Define research material (tests and questionnaires)
  • Work closely with the team recruiting interview participants
  • Recommend tools for conducting remote research (interviews and product testing)
  • Plan and implement UX research (interviews, synthesis and insight generation)
  • Lead the production for the report for the client on the findings and recommendations for improvement



  • Minimum 3 years of UX research or design experience
  • Experienced with a mixture of creative and technical skills
  • Excellent team working skills
  • Great verbal communication skills
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Command of qualitative research methods, human-centered design
  • Fluent in Spanish, and English preferred
  • Experience with UX design of video gaming product is a strong plus


What do you need to apply?

Show us that you want to build with us! Update your CV, linkedin profile and your portfolio of projects

Pick at least three projects that you feel more proud of or which you believe best reflect your skillset for this position. For each project: 

  • Describe the challenge you were set to solve (problem)
  • What was the outcome of the project (solution)
  • How did you get to the solution (process)
  • How was your participation critical to solving the problem - this is where your skills should shine

Be visual and use your own style. Don’t just write up paragraphs describing what happened, use images, videos and/or illustrations to show the process and the solution. Process is as important, or even more, as the solution. It shows how you think and problem solve, so take us through the journey of how you got to the solution.

Projects can be team projects or individual projects. It is best to showcase a combination of both since it shows how you collaborate and how you’re able to make decisions on your own.

Pick what you feel helps us better understand your skillset and who you are.  Can’t wait to meet you!

You can upload your portfolio as:

  • a file (in the space of cover letter) 
  • or as a link in the last question

Any application that comes without a portfolio will not be considered.


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