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UX Researcher


- Understand problem that the team/company want to solve and able to translate it into a research initiatives to help solve the problem
- Plan the research: form the timeline, discussion guidelines, participant/respondent criteria, how to reach respondent/participant.
- Do the research: conduct the fieldwork, be adaptive to team needs and participant needs
- Synthesize the data, create the report, pull out insights don't just present the data,
- Follow it up: the process dont stop after report is finished, evangelised it, plant what to do next while still in line with team and company priorities
- Challenge team member research plan, DG and report
- Help team member prioritised research
- Managed research task for that tribe
- Upgrade team member skills
- Be a mentor and guidance for team member


    • - Minimum 1 years in product/UX/market research
    • - Can do various type of research: quantitative and qualitative, evaluative and foundational
    • - Proactive, in terms of asking questions, evangelising research needs and research results. No yes man
    • - Can balance the need of various party: research (yourself), business, IT, to name a few
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