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Avant Arte

Full TimeproductRemotePosted 9 months ago


We know great art has the ability to inspire people... because it inspired us. Avant Arte is part of a movement that wants to make art radically more accessible for our generation. We got into art through rap lyrics and George Condo album covers, starting a simple online blog of all the artists we loved. That blog grew really quickly into the world’s biggest online community of young art lovers, with more than 1.8 million of our followers under the age of 35. We now collaborate directly with iconic artists, helping to make collecting their work more accessible for our community through exclusive sculpture and print editions and unique works on paper. With engagement in line with the biggest youth fashion brands today and our collaborations often selling out in under a minute, our vision is to help inspire a whole generation of millions of young people who love art like they love music and collect works like they build their wardrobe.




We’re a small team with really big ambitions, both for what we want to achieve and also the environment we’re building. We want to create a company that remains thoughtful and kind as we scale and that tries to be genuinely progressive in how we operate; we want people to really own what they do and be given the autonomy and freedom to make mistakes, learn, and create something meaningful. We all really care about what Avant Arte is here to do so, to be totally honest, we work incredibly hard – we’re looking for exceptional people that are proactive, hungry to learn, and want to put their pride in our collective achievements.



We are looking for an exceptional Freelance Product Designer to create a series of mobile-first designs for an elegant and user-friendly tool that art collectors can use to display their collections digitally and manage them through our website.


All of the current tools which our art collectors can use to help them keep a digital record of their art collections are either (a) overly complex for our collectors’ needs (with too many data fields that cater more for galleries’ needs than collectors’); (b) ugly; or (c) both.


Our collectors’ digital identity is currently fragmented between inventory management systems with MS-DOS style user interfaces and social platforms which provide a forum that is often too public for their whole collection and offers no utility for building and managing a collection beyond sharing their pieces with others.


Avant Arte is looking to provide the definitive digital means for aesthetically-minded collectors to build the identity of their collection and of themselves as collectors. We are looking to provide the best way for collectors to display their collections online, for an audience of themselves or an audience of many. This needs to be as easy to upload as it is to view, beautifully presented, exportable in shareable ways, and extremely intuitive with the smoothest of user journeys. Ultimately we want to build a platform that allows collectors to curate and show their collections in ways that are additive to a physical exhibition and for what we build to be the definitive place for them to build their collector identity online.

We’re looking for someone:

  • Who has 4+ years' experience of building intuitive mobile-first digital experiences with modern brands
  • Who has a good eye for clean design and UX that makes the right trade offs between functionality and feature creep
  • Who has a strong understanding of the best user flows and also the technical achievability of different design choices
  • Who, as a bonus, has a genuine interest in contemporary culture
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