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UI/UX Design Intern

Fintech Sandpit

**About Fintech Sandpit**

We are on a mission to connect the financial ecosystem together. We are building an industry API marketplace to accelerate the development of solutions for the world’s largest institutions.

Innovating within financial institutions is hard, slow, and complicated. It can take months for approvals and many more months for implementation. This stunts the ability for these organisations to learn and digitise. However, there are thousands of developers around the world who need to test capabilities quickly and business owners who need to work with new vendors easily. 

We bring the world’s fintech capability into one place for users to test. Our industry sandbox enables users developers and business owners to scan the global market of startups and find a capability that suits them best. 

**How can you help? **

We need to build products with beautiful user experience and interfaces. You can help design products that will be in the hands of finance professionals around the world. 

You will work directly with the CEO/CTO in converting product ideas into high quality designs, with multiple interations. 

**You might be right if**

- You have experience working in design teams in startup or have corporate/agency design experience  

- You have an eye for detail and a passion to make and iterate designs until they are perfect

- You have a portfolio of work that you can demonstrate your work

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