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Senior UI/UX designer


Full Timeui/uxSingaporePosted 1 years ago

Being an omnichannel platform - our UX foundation lay around making a complex set of third-party platform integrations and highly modular functionalities built to enable personalisation and AI automation, into a simplified interface, accessible to be used by a diverse set of merchants - peer to peer sellers to fortune 500 companies.

It also includes the challenge to build contextual chat experiences within any platform possible.

Overall, we are looking for a senior designer who understands UI, UX, CX and Service level design, who is both creative and analytical with a strong understanding of cognitive patterns.

1. Prior experience working with a product team full time as a UX designer for a minimum of 2 years.
2. Ability to design clean and seamless interfaces.
3. Clear analytical thinking to identify complex technical architectures.
4. Understanding of Service Design
5. Ability to build and lead a design team
6. The job may require you travel to our global offices and working with partners.

1. Implement UI/UX for new features
2. Maintenance and upkeep of overall platform UI/UX
3. Creating design guidelines and framework to guide the base principles for the overall design team - including, UX, UI, CX, Microcopy and graphics.
4. Documentation of updates
5. Working with front-end designers to ensure pixel perfect implementations of design.
6. Working with product teams for the feature and design scope.
7. Managing the company branding and visual assets.

1. Experience with UX Microcopy
2. Experience with Conversational UX

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