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Product Designer

Tilt Dev

Tilt Dev is building the platform for multi-service software development. Imagine if every time you hit save, you could kick off workflows that run in the cloud, with results that are accessible across your team instantly and historically. How much more productive could you be? What dev collaboration tools have we not even thought of yet?

About Us

This is a big mission, and we’re a small team (9 people, based in NYC’s Union Square).

We’re software engineers and toolsmiths. We’ve built developer tools and consumer products. Nick and Dan (founders) met working at Google on projects like Google Sheets, Google Code, and others. We think cloud-native products like GitHub and Google Sheets are great because of the new workflows they enable. We’re excited to be working towards it.

We want to be a better company in an industry that’s been neither diverse nor inclusive. Each month, we give $100/employee to an org that’s making tech less toxic. We recognize “meritocracy” and “work hard, play hard” as culture smells.

The Challenge

To dramatically improve multi-service dev, we need teams to change their familiar workflow and take a chance on a new one. That’s asking a lot.

To build that trust, we need an informed perspective about what’s most critical to know, when. Tilt needs to meet the needs of different kinds of engineers — DevOps, Frontend, Backend, Data, and more. Then encourage them to share their expertise and help one another.

That’s where design comes in. Our product includes an installed local binary and a SaaS platform. Tilt Local drives iteration and surfaces errors while you code. Tilt Cloud helps a team share data from local instances and troubleshoot errors together. How does each surface communicate its role and how they connect?

What You’ll Do

  • Conduct user research within our active open-source community as well as partner teams. Understand their frustrations and motivations to better address the pains of multi-service dev.
  • Design thoughtful UX to present the right insights at the right time. What alerts should interrupt them? What new interfaces can help them diagnose problems when things go wrong?
  • Deliver visual artifacts, including mocks and interaction flows, to help the engineering team implement features.
  • Evaluating our hunches using tools like analytics, A/B tests, and prototypes to ensure we’re meeting customer needs. Support design-led product development.
  • Help us build a team culture where everyone’s doing their best work.

Who You’ll Work With

We’re a small team where you’ll get to know everyone as you solve problems together. In particular:

  • Han Yu does a hybrid of UX/UI design and frontend engineering. You’ll work closely with them to design features and processes, so a strong design sense makes Tilt stand out among dev tools.
  • L Korbes does developer relations. You’ll work with them to explain and demo how dev teams can fit Tilt into their work.
  • Victor Wu is our head of product. The potential surface area of Tilt is too huge to tackle all at once. He’ll empower you to figure out priorities and focus.

Ideal, But Not Required

  • Experience with both web-based and terminal-based user interfaces
  • (Designing for both has unique challenges.)
  • Ability to write HTML, CSS, and JS/React
  • (We have a lot of respect for product design as a skill independent of UI engineering! But we want to be up-front that roles can be fluid at a startup.)
  • Familiar with Docker, containers, microservices, and Kubernetes. Can explain what problems they solve for developers
  • (We can teach you how engineers use these tools if we need to, but it would be a shame to learn them only to find out that you hate them.)

Interested? Apply.

Even if you don’t have experience or interest in every bullet, we want to hear from you. There’s no perfect candidate, and we want to find the right fit, even if it’s different than we imagine. We especially would like to meet underrepresented/underestimated candidates.

Remote is OK. Only 5 of 9 of us are in NYC.

Must be authorized to work in the US, and able to work at least 5 hours overlap with US Eastern time.

Apply Here: Send an email with a resume to

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