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Product UX Writer


60,000 businesses and millions of people use 1Password to protect their most important information. We’re a kind, curious, and customer-focused team on a mission to build the world's most-loved password manager and give people more control over their data.

We approach all aspects of 1Password with a design-first approach. Our team encompasses UI, UX, web, illustration, print, and motion graphics designers – all working together to give 1Password customers the best possible experience.

We are looking for an experienced individual to craft engaging and well constructed copy for use in our applications, and other customer facing products and services. You will have the opportunity to work with designers to craft copy for new features from concept through to development, as well as apply your knowledge and expertise to existing elements of 1Password.

1Password’s design is already award winning but, with your help, we can make it even better.

What we're looking for:

    • At least a year of experience writing UX copy and other content for an app or product. We will need to see a portfolio of examples.
    • Passion for helping customers. While this isn’t something quantifiable, you should be able to tell us why you love using copy to help customers better understand a feature.
    • Strong communication skills – you’re writing should get customers to engage with and completely understand what you’re trying to say.
    • The ability to adapt your writing to new audiences, styles and tone.A knack for learning things on your own and quickly adapting to new environments. Since 1Password is remote, it’s important to be independent in your research, but also have the humility to ask for help when you aren’t sure about something.
    • Knowledge of Markdown and basic HTML/CSS.

What you can expect in your first month:

    • Read the 1Password style guide to learn how we communicate to our customers.
    • Work with the design team to identify tasks that you can take on to build your skills. 
    • Refine existing content so it’s consistent with our style guide.

What you can expect by month 3:

    • Start to take on multiple concurrent tasks across our web app, client apps and documentation – editing and improving existing content as well as writing new content. 
    • Suggest improvements in writing styles, work methodology or tools we use.
    • Begin to work outside of the design team specifically to support other internal projects

What you can expect by month 6:

    • By this point you will have found your ‘niche’ and will be working in specific areas across 1Password, taking ownership for multiple tasks and projects. 
    • You will take part in regular calls and reviews, offering and receiving feedback on written style and content.
“We have a wide range of skills represented here, and that makes for a culture of personal growth through feedback and mentoring, support and critique. Our design has won awards and we have our designers to thank for that - excellence in design is one of the defining characteristics of 1Password. You should also prepare yourself for bad jokes too though 😃”
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