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UX Lead

Berkeley Lights

Here at Berkeley Lights, we think cells are awesome! Cells are capable of manufacturing cures for diseases, fibers for clothing, energy in the form of biofuels, and food proteins for nutrition. So the question is, if nature is capable of manufacturing the products we need in a scalable way, why aren’t we doing more of this? Well, the answer is that with the solutions available today, it is hard. Berkeley Lights is here to change all of that! Our extremely sophisticated proprietary technology and Beacon® and LightningTM systems accelerate the rate researchers can discover and develop cell-based products in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional, legacy research methods. Using our tools and solutions, scientists can find the best cells, the first time they look.

Our goal is to continue to collaborate with customers to drive the adoption of our technologies, making cell-based products and therapeutics more easily accessible the world over! You will play a major role here in the creation and development of these technologies, and our success will depend on you! We have been changing how the world develops cell-based products since 2011, and now our family of around 200 employees welcomes you to consider joining us on this incredible journey.

As Berkeley Lights enters the stage of increasing adoption, we are looking for a UX Lead to drive design decisions centered on usability. While this position is part of the software team, you will be involved in the full spectrum of instrument usability, software look-and-feel and interactions, information architecture and complex data visualization. You will work closely with biologists, marketing, and customer support to devise strategies that help meet end-user goals and end-user business goals. You will work with a small team of UX designers to create best-in-class data visualizations for large omics datasets.  

All applicants will be evaluated based on samples of work, experience, interview, and references. 


    • Develop high-level and detailed design approaches focused on end-user and program requirements. 
    • Create and drive the design and architecture of data-heavy and interactive software projects.  
    • Provide leadership to a small team of UX designers.  
    • Be a consistent “user” advocate.  Where necessary, interact with end-users to determine strategy. 
    • Facilitate internal communication between visual design and functional development. 
    • Engage with design consultants as and when necessary depending on project requirements. 


    • 7 to 15 years of professional software development experience.
    • Strong Object-Oriented Programming skills in C#, Java, or Python.
    • Experienced in designing backends using modern data warehouses; with modern RDBMS or No-SQL databases. One of more of: BigQuery, DynamoDB, Snowflake, BigTable, Amazon RDS, or Azure Synapse
    • Experienced in developing and deploying customer facing software in Amazon AWS, Azure Cloud or Google Cloud Platform.
    • Experience in designing and developing container-based software services.
    • Solid understanding of criteria that drive decisions in choosing container orchestrating options. And proven experience of having made or driven such decisions (Kubernetes -vs- Docker Swarm -vs- Amazon ECS and Fargate -vs- IronWorker etc.)
    • Solid understanding of options within microservices architecture design space and understanding of Clean Architecture concepts and how these evolve as they meet the real-world.
    • Experienced in Agile practices and ceremonies.
    • Experienced in working with offshore teams for design, development, and testing.
    • Strong background in distributed computing and the “variety” component of the three Vs of Big Data.
    • MS/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent professional experience.

Professional Characteristics

    • Enjoy working in a fast-paced and inter-disciplinary environment. We work with biologists, biomedical, software and hardware engineers, Marketing and Customer Support teams. 
    • Passionate about using great design to drive product quality and end-user success. 
    • Ability to engage meaningfully with clients and understand the whys behind their needs. 
    • Ability to engage with different stakeholders and design solutions that meet common needs. 
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is effective January 1, 2020. Please read our California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure Form regarding the CCPA and Berkeley Lights’ required disclosures about the collection of personal information.
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