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Full TimeproductRemotePosted 1 years ago
Here’s the thing—we hate traditional job descriptions. In our experience, they’re a terrible representation of what a job really entails and never paint a true picture of what it’s like to work at an organization.

That’s why, at Fundera, we do things differently. Instead of presenting you with some run-of-the-mill job description, we offer potential candidates our Job Spotlights. This gives us a chance to tell you the story of us, why you should work here, and what the role is really like.

Who’s Fundera and Why Should I Care?

Fundera is the go-to financial resource for small businesses. We’re here to help entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals and grow businesses as big as their aspirations.

As a catalyst for smart financial decisions, our combination of proprietary technology and financial expertise provides business owners with tailored solutions based on their unique needs and eligibility—helping them prosper, create more jobs, and, ultimately, grow the economy.

Armed with one of the most experienced and passionate leadership teams in the business and backed by the industry’s leading investors, we’ve made a big impact on Main Street in just a short amount of time (Fundera launched in 2014 and has helped 35,000+ small businesses find their best financial solutions and secure over $1 billion in funding).

If you want to make a difference, if you want to create a workplace and life you love, and if you want to learn more and grow faster than you will at any other point in your career, you should keep reading.

What Is It Like to Work Here?

The easiest way to answer this is to check out our great rating on Glassdoor, take a deep dive into a few of our employee profiles, or look into some of our recent awards, like Crain’s Best Places to Work. Also, don’t forget to peep our Instagram.

Ultimately, at Fundera, you get to come to work with a group of supportive, talented, ambitious individuals who will teach you something new every day, whilst building a product that will truly and actually change the lives of America’s small businesses and job creators. We think it’s pretty cool, and think you will, too.

Is This Role Right for Me?

One of Fundera’s core value propositions is the ability for Small Business loan applicants to fill out one easy loan application on Fundera in order to see all of their funding options.  As the Sr. Product Designer on this team, your role is to help applicants quickly and easily achieve this goal, both by creating a dynamic UI that tailors a customer’s experience to their unique responses, as well as by reducing the overall time and effort required to complete the application on both mobile and desktop platforms.  Your scope for this work will include CTAs and other widgets across the site to bring customers into the application, as well as the applicant’s dashboard on which loan matches and other valuable resources are displayed.  You will rely on UX research, metrics and A/B testing to drive continuous improvement to the SMB applicant’s experience on Fundera.

In this role, you’ll get to:

    • Design and deliver experiences that help our customers and our business grow
    • Collaborate across teams and disciplines to create a product-wide application strategy around user flow, form based data collected from our SMBs, lender requirements and sales team capacity
    • Independently experiment with and test content that's supportive of an evolving user base  
    • Integrate and advocate for scalable, accessible, and inclusive principles in every design
    • Perform competitive analysis with similar products and services

We're looking for people who have...

    • 3+ years of experience working on application or data collection type environmentsExcel at leading productive discussions
    • Ability and experience with a mobile first design approach for mobile web.
    • Can demonstrate a history of designing compelling product content, as well as the strategy behind it
    • Formulate, experiment with, and advocate for Content Design that improves both usability and business metrics
    • Are comfortable rapidly testing content, iterating, and reporting out on results
    • Understand how to gather and interpret complex data and use it to create successful content
    • Enjoy building trust with customers, collaborators, and cross-functional teams
    • Understand how different projects can fit into and advance a company-wide strategy
    • Experience in Fintech is a plus
What Should I Do If I’m Interested?

If working at Fundera gets you excited, we want to hear from you, regardless of whether you think this role is a fit. If you think you’ve got the relevant experience, go ahead and apply.
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