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Thanks for your interest in joining our team. Here is some background on what we are building!

Pager is a product that unlocks the value trapped within screenshots. We've raised 500k and are ready to re-enter the market.

Our vision is to make them the most powerful photographs you can take by layering them with valuable information. Like allowing them to open applications (we already built this), making them interactive, and adding motion to screenshots of videos. We see a world where screenshots are a unified format that makes sharing and saving internet content as simple as taking a picture. 

We've built two products and have used this to generate strategic insights.

We are now building a product wedge that resurfaces your old screenshots of Snapchat. Like Snapchat memories but for the things your friends sent you and needed to screenshot. Our strategy is to initially enter the market as SnapKit app, like YOLO or YAS. This product is meant to be spicy and used amongst close friends in private stories.

As we get a better understanding of what people screenshot intentionally, to begin to surface other valuable content within users' screenshots. Things like Music, Restaurants, Fashion, etc.  Eventually allowing people to create curated boards of content that they can share with friends.

We are hiring a full time UI/UX designer who has strong visual design experience. You will be working alongside our UX researcher who works part time.

The ideal candidate for this job is a strong visual designer who knows how to create visually appealing brands that target younger demographics. At Pager, you'll be responsible for branding, website design, iOS app, design system, social campaigns, and the SnapKit experience within Snapchat.

We work in Figma and it would be great if you had experience building prototypes in Framer.

If you''ve never worked with or heard of SnapKit, please consider applying nonetheless. It is an exciting distribution tool that can be used to reach Snapchat's audience through native sharing integrations.

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