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UX UI Lead


Full Timeui/uxRemotePosted 1 years ago

Accelerating carbon neutral business, cities and government

We are building a capitalist solution to moral problems.

Consequence prices the environmental impacts of financial transactions, allowing organisations and government to understand and eliminate them.

Combining innovative AI and machine learning with go-to-market expertise, we are building the simplest, fastest and most affordable way for any organisation to understand their impact on the environment, reduce it and offset through globally recognised projects.

Our software helps businesses become sustainable and win customers, talent and investment.

Experienced, funded team executing rapidly for maximum impact. 

Join us.


Role: UX UI Lead, founding designer

Do you want to work on one of the most important and impactful problems facing the world today? Consequence is building a capitalist solution to moral problems starting with organisational carbon emissions. These emissions contribute to climate change: droughts, floods, disaster events, population displacement and more.

We are looking for our first full-time, in house Designer to own UX, UI, and design across the company.

There is no limit or restrictions to the role and the value you can add - perhaps you lead product more formally, code front-ends, are a graphic designer or obsessed with brand.

Bring us your best, and we'll change the world. 

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