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Director of UX Design


About Tomo

Tomo’s mission is to bring omotenashi to the home buying experience.

Omotenashi is a Japanese principle of hospitality. It involves anticipating the customer’s needs and striving to meet them before the customer is even aware that they exist. It holds that service is a noble profession and that we should take pride in delivering it. As such, we strive to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to our customers, where we go to great lengths to ensure that every detail is memorable.

The Director of Design’s mission is to help Tomo create a homebuying experience for its customers that takes the stress out of the process and leaves only joy behind. The Director of Design accomplishes this mission through brand design, user research, product design, and overall service design activities in collaboration with other functions like marketing and product. 

During his/her first six months in role, the Director of Design will likely need to undertake the following activities / achieve the following milestones in order to achieve the OKRs listed below.


    • Assess the need for consumer research to understand pain points and as needed find creative ways to execute high impact research on a reasonably tight time frame
    • Work with marketing to help develop our brand and determine how it can be supported in product and communications throughout the experience
    • Craft the consumer experience across multiple platforms, including web, app, phone, text, email, and video
    • Craft the user experience in our internal tooling to keep our teammates engaged and to empower them to deliver our target customer experience 
    • Craft the partner experience to maximize engagement with our programs and to empower partners to deliver our target customer experience as well
    • Partner with product management and engineering to provide designs to support the product development effort
    • Collaborate with analytics to ensure we collect data that provides us with insight into how consumers experience our offering
    • Assess staffing needs and recruit and manage a small team (2-3? over the next two years)

Once our offering is live the objectives and key results for this role will look roughly like this at steady state.

    • Understand key consumers, partner, and employee needs - Identify new insights from research that change the course of our product and/or business
    • Craft a world-class homebuying experience - Consumer NPS
    • Craft a world-class referral program - Agent NPS
    • Help design an effective customer acquisition strategy - Lead to transaction conversion rate of X%
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