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Mixed Methods Researcher


Osmo is an award-winning accelerated learning system that changes the way children interact with games. Osmo games combine physical interactions with digital experiences to make learning fun. 

Osmo was recently acquired by Byju’s, a highly successful company focused on making learning fun. This puts Osmo in a unique position, still acting as a small company, but with the backing and resources of a much larger one. Byju’s has recently raised $540 million, and was valued at over $10.5 billion.

Iteration on game development based on the lessons learned from kids playing our games has been central to our product development since the very beginning of Osmo. As our user base and product offerings continue to grow, we are looking to grow our team!

We’re seeking a driven, detail-oriented, qualitative researcher that is comfortable operating in an innovative, fast-moving environment. For this position, we are looking for individuals with mixed-methods background, expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods, with an understanding of how to integrate diverse sources of insights.


    • Conduct primary research using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods to understand parents and children's needs and expectations with respect to products in development and market research.
    • Schedule, recruit, and coordinate playtesting, home visits, focus groups, usability studies, as well as interviews and observations.
    •  Design surveys, assess metrics and constructs, create visualizations and charts, conduct statistical evaluations and modeling.
    • Analyze, interpret, synthesize, and communicate findings effectively given short cycle times.
    • Collaborate closely with product teams, design, hardware, marketing, and data scientists.
    • Identify and organize different opportunities for qualitative testing as well as new methodologies for quantitative analysis for both product and marketing evaluations.


    • Advanced degree, either Masters or PhD, in either Human-Computer Interaction, Education, Human Factors, Business, Informatics, Econometrics, Economics, Psychology, Product Design, Organizational Behavior,  Communication, Sociology, Political Science, or related discipline.
    • 2+ years of relevant work experience or research
    • A demonstrable record of applying your research skills to product evaluation and business impact.
    • Experienced in working with qualitative methods for children as well as adults.
    • Strong work ethic, excellent organization and communication skills.
    • Detail-oriented, passionate about creating successful interactive experiences for children and adults.
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