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Senior Product Designer

Archimedes Digital

Looking for a very experienced designer with an entrepreneurial mindset.

We offer:

• Work on the cutting edge of the humanities field, working directly with professors from Harvard, MIT and other great institutions, building products for universities, archaeological sites and museums across the world.
• A truly innovative product design process that keeps innovating.
• An inclusive, supportive environment and a long list of benefits — including an unlimited vacation policy and a generous parental leave — from a company following the reputable Gitlab Handbook.
• Work from anywhere. Stay at home, or go digital nomad: we don’t care as long as you have a fast, reliable internet connection, and get your work done.
Occasional company get-togethers in places like Sicily, Greece and Poland.
• Design for AR and VR ??— did we mention we’re working on the cutting edge?


• You’re a senior designer. We expect a lot of experience. Junior-to-mid-weight designers: unless you’re ridiculously talented, you won’t make the cut.
• You have an online portfolio — or even better — links to live projects you’ve created, with a story of how you tackled the project.
• You’re a minimalist, and every pixel of your design is intentional and can be justified.
• You’re economical and know how to not reinvent the wheel. Utilising tools like Zapier, and web APIs in order to build MVPs — fast.
• You know that “good designers copy, and great designers steal”. You’re unashamed of scavenging the best from Product Hunt, Dribbble, and co.
• You know your weaknesses and are not embarrassed by them because you have strategies to mitigate them. No designer is perfect.
• You’re a designer with an entrepreneurial mindset. You think both delightful and profitable.
• You know how to use Figma. (If not, you’re confident you’ll figure it out in ~2 days.)
• You’re not just parroting the word “user centered” because every other designer is. You balance business and user needs.
• You know HTML/CSS like the back of your hand, and are okayish with JavaScript.
• You are a great communicator. You have a knack for simplifying the complex.
• You write well, and you’re pedantic about every word and punctuation.
• You know that assumptions kill projects, and you bust them by doing effective, fast, and cheap user research.
• You know when to do qualitative, and when to do quantitative user research.
• You’ll defend your ideas religiously, until the moment you see a better solution, in which case you’ll jump ship instantly.
• You are open-minded, progressive, and accepting to all people. No bigots please!
• Similarly you care about inclusive design, starting from accessibility, all the way to designing a product that makes people feel respected.

Very nice to have:

• You’re a humanities geek. Or at least you have an appreciation in things like the arts, history, culture, museums, archeology.
• You can code in React, and have solid JavaScript skills (not just simple jQuery).
• You can pick up enough from dev discussions to tell when a technical decision will have a UX impact, and you champion the user/business in that conversation.
• You know how to use Git, and have collaborated with developers using Git.
• You know jobs-to-be-done, and have conducted JTBD interviews.
• You’ve previously worked at both agency/freelance and in a product team.
• You’ve created design systems, and played around with
• You have experience designing for AR, VR and mobile
• You’re a natural people person, and love sitting down with, and interviewing users.
• You have remote work experience, know how to structure your daily routine and know how hugely important written communication skills are.
• You have a solid knowledge of Trello and Realtimeboard.
• You have conducted A/B tests, and measure the impact of your work in terms of revenue, user engagement, reduced bounces, or any other proxy variable.
• You have experience facilitating remote design sprints.

??Please apply via and as part of your application send us your email address, and a link to your portfolio.

We will then send you a link to a survey with questions. It’s kinda like a phone screen but more convenient. For this role we’re only accepting senior designers with an online portfolio of work. Ideally a personal side project or two as well showcasing your entrepreneurial side.

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