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Mid-Level UX/UI Designer


DaisyBill is growing and is seeking a Mid-Level UX/UI Designer to help us create simple, elegant, and intuitive interactive interfaces for our core engagement products. These are large-scale, complex, and function-heavy SaaS systems that include DaisyBill, DaisyWizard, and DaisyCollect.

Core to this role is the following:

  • Good understanding of UX best practices
  • Creating pixel-perfect UI 
  • Knowing how to build components and their behaviors
  • Creating mock-ups to exhibit behaviors
  • Redlines & component states to be handed off to developers 
  • Developing & updating our design system to reflect new components

Naturally, we are also looking for someone who is highly motivated, self-managed, organized, open to feedback and critique, and gifted with team mentality.

We are a small and highly collaborative company so we will value your input tremendously. Taking ownership of a project is music to our ears.

Please send a link to your online portfolio along with your resume. Applications without a portfolio link will mostly likely not be considered.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



  • Cultivate a deep understanding of DaisyBill’s UI styles, patterns, and standardized elements and interactions
  • Execute UI design in time with our software roadmap
  • Work closely and collaboratively with the Sr. Product Designer and Product Manager to fulfill the overall product/feature vision
  • Quickly iterate and offer versions based on design critique from peers 
  • Build out multi-version comps for presentation and discussion
  • Execute final “pixel perfect” UI designs, then package, spec, and prep for engineering
  • Obsessively QA developed software for visual perfection, and provide detailed feedback to engineering towards revisions
  • Maintain design systems and libraries in conjunction with the wider Product UI Design team to ensure product-wide visual consistency



  • 3-6 Yrs of UI/UX design experience with at least one SaaS product in your portfolio
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Focused and dedicated to how products “look” and “feel”
  • Exceptional design velocity: ability and willingness to quickly produce multiple concepts
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Deeply collaborative and iterative approach to product design, focused on ensuring a unified experience across all platforms
  • Experience working closely with engineers to develop and iterate on interactive software experiences
  • Decent understanding of CSS / HTML / JS / React - what their respective roles are, how they are used by browsers, and how to design for them



  • Work in an environment where you, your work, and your ideas matter and have an impact
  • Work in a new and young business with high potential and growth
  • Build your own success story together with us
  • Start-up feel but backed up by the confidence of a proven product with a very stable user base - this is a very successful high-volume business 
  • Self-organized, self-responsible, and entrepreneurial employees
  • Great medical benefits
  • Respect to the 40-hour work week (personal time is sacred)



  • Figma
  • Framer/Principle (or equivalent)
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Google Suite



We provide brilliant Workers’ Compensation billing solutions.

It's our mission to solve the horrendously complex issues surrounding the billing through workers compensation. 

Everyday we show up because the billing process for workers’ comp is a mess. Everyone has to jump through too many hoops, file too much paperwork, make too many phone calls. This works for nobody: not doctors, not insurance companies, not claims administrators, employers, legislators, attorneys…and most importantly, not injured workers.

But we are fixing this.

We are the only people on the planet (that we know of) who have been able to build a platform that makes this process manageable and largely automated. It’s hardly perfect but it is a massive improvement. Not only do our clients absolutely love us, bills get paid easily and quickly and patients get the care they need. That’s a lot of wins.


  1. Be bold - The status quo just isn’t good enough  
  2. Outperform - What we do, we do best
  3. Customers matter - Keep our customers top of mind, constantly, and all else follows
  4. Persevere - Find a way or make one 
  5. Improve constantly - We get smarter
  6. Collaborate - Me. We.*
  7. Be nice - Real, straightforward, open-minded, honest, and ethical
  8. Value diversity - Of thought, experience, mindset, and angle of attack
  9. Live your best life - Work should only be 25% of your life
  10. GOAT - The Daisy Team strives to be the Greatest of All Time

*Muhammad Ali spoke at Harvard University in 1975. When someone in the audience requested a poem, Ali’s response was “Me. We.” We love this simple and pithy statement connecting the individual and the team. 


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