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We're looking for a designer who can help deliver better experiences to a wide variety of financial services clients. If you're interested in improving the way people apply for loans, manage their budgets, plan for retirement, refinance a mortgage, and make payments online, then we'd like to talk to you!


Here at Praxent, we care about our clients. But so does every digital agency. Do your future coworkers enjoy working here? We've been on best places to work lists for several years. We measure our team happiness every month, which is currently 4.4 out of 5. We publicly celebrate wins and team achievements every week in our company meeting.


Our core values are infused in everything we do; we have Slack emojis for each one—Care Deeply, Always Deliver, Never Settle, Do It Together, and Own The Outcome. And our culture is big on psychological safety, work-life balance, and trust. Chosen as one of the Best Places to Work in Texas six times, our diverse and brilliant team of experts is steady and growing. Now, we’re asking you to come along for the ride.


Who You Are:


  • You appreciate being valued at your organization. 90% of our clients hire us for a design engagement. Our sales team understands and communicates the value of research and UX to prospective clients so that our team has what it needs to be successful. And, during development, we embed designers into the Agile process to ensure designs are built to spec and that design has a voice throughout the product life cycle.
  • Excited by growth. You will report to the Associate Director of Design. Through hands on experience, one on one conversations with your director, and multiple design critiques per week with our team, you will grow fast. Over time, You will learn not only how to tackle complex design problems, but lead them as well. Our design team has a career framework and a competency matrix to help evaluate your skills and guide you toward mastering your craft.
  • You’re a believer in user-centered design. You’re the voice users need, so they end up with the product they want.

  • Creative within constraints. You balance the considerations of clients and team members alike. You see boundaries as a path to creativity, not a stopping point. 

  • You know your stuff (and you have the data to prove it). You have a passion for UX research and the know-how to apply it.
  • Problems give you purpose. You feel energized by ambitious, complex projects.
  • Steady, ready, and heady. A rhyme-y way to say that you are consistent, proactive, and detail oriented. 
  • Open to input. You don’t build a wall around your ideas. You’re comfortable hearing constructive criticism from both your supervisors and your peers.

  • A storyteller for solutions. Not only can you create brilliant solutions, you can shape the story of how they came to be.

  • Head of the fan club. You’re a designer because you love design. You follow the latest trends and spread the word when the hype is warranted.


What You’ll Be Doing:

Our design team tackles a wide range of challenging projects. Examples of what our projects require, that we’re excited to have your expertise on:

  • Analyze and document existing features, UI elements, information structures
  • Meet with client and subject matter experts to learn about their business, their clients, and their software
  • Create user flows, site map, wireframes for critical tasks
  • Modernize the user interface and ensure it meets AA accessibility guidelines
  • Collaborate with the a design researcher to test designs with users, identify how the design needs to change
  • Design a style guide and component library
  • Partner with developers and project managers to ensure design requirements are in the backlog, and that designs are built to specifications

And here are some other broad examples of the type of projects we need your help with:

  • Ideate and make UX recommendations for a mobile customer portal that allows customers to build their credit
  • Design a user dashboard that delivers invoices and other reports to insurance carriers
  • Team up with a senior designer to create a wealth management app that is automated and fun for customers
  • Work with a development team to help them implement designs for a retirement app


We’d Love to Hear From You If:

  • You have a passion for digital banking and finance. Bonus points if you have worked for a bank.
  • You have a minimum of 1 to 3 years experience with product design. Do you eat, sleep, and dream UX? Let’s talk.

  • You want a seat at the table. You’re learning to lead or you’d like to. You’re interested in mentoring, innovating our tech and processes, and helping us build a better design team.

  • U R Efficient. Significant output. Minimal waste.
  • You can forecast your future. When it comes to planning, scheduling, and estimating your work–you have a crystal ball.
  • You’re a person of your word and that word is “proactive”. You look ahead to solve problems for your clients, it’s why you always meet your deadlines.
  • You’re agile in an agency. You’re comfortable with clients coming first. Their project goals may change, but yours stay the same–caring about their success and satisfaction.
  • You are Type A+. You expect excellence right down to the smallest detail. You work diligently until your standards are met and you never settle.

  • You communicate ever so clearly. Your presentations are pristine, powerful, and persuasive. You’re able to justify your design decisions with data and best practices and laymanize them for clients. Most importantly of all, you listen.
  • Tech specs: Proficiency with OSX and expertise with design tools such as: Sketch, Invision, Figma, Principle, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

What You’ll Love About Us:

Will you get decent compensation? Yes! We offer competitive salaries along with the following:

  • Work stays at work. We promote a healthy work/life balance to help ensure you have the time that you need. We encourage no more than 40 hours a week.

  • Remote first. We’re all fully remote.

  • Rest and relaxation. You receive your country’s holidays off along with 12 days of PTO after working with us for 90 days.

  • Great company culture. We’ve been recognized by Texas Monthly, Clutch, Comparably, and more for the quality of our workplace. Feel free to check out our rating on Glassdoor.

  • We’re here to enable you. It’s your work and your career. Our management team is here to help you become who you want to be. Not to micromanage you.

  • We value your ideas. At Praxent, our doors are always open. Need help? Come on in. Have a vision for the future of the company? We’d love to hear it. 

  • You’re more than an employee, you’re a person. Every co-worker you’ll meet is committed to treating you with respect and kindness. You won’t hear stuff like, “It’s just business.”

  • Relaxathon. Twice per year we take a break from client work and do what we want.

So what’s the next step? What can you expect in the interview process?

The process is 3 steps:

  1. A phone interview (20 minutes) - talk about the project you're most proud of and tell us about your passion for digital banking and finance.

  2. A portfolio review—we’ll ask you to present the projects your most proud of and why.

  3. A focused interview—we’ll ask you to share stories of your past work and we’ll get into the details.

Last, but not least. We're big on honesty and transparency. There will be no trick questions and no design tests, just honest questions about the great work you've done, so let's talk!

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