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Senior UX Lead


Full TimeuxBangaloreIndiaPosted 1 years ago


Zilingo is making the fashion supply chain Fair, Connected and Transparent using Technology, Data and Financial Services. We are working to improve the entire supply chain for fashion, from the cotton farm to the closet. Our business model has three main pillars: Commerce, Services and Sustainability. 

  • Commerce. We operate a global technology-enabled sourcing business, and the largest B2B marketplace for fashion in South and Southeast Asia, which connects yarn mills, fabric mills, factories, brands and merchants through a discovery and transaction platform.
  • Services (Saas, MaaS, Fintech). We develop and deploy Software as a Service to factories and brands to help improve operational efficiency; help brands and factories enhance branding Marketing as a Service; and use technology to connect makers and merchants with access to working capital.
  • Sustainability. We provide brands with transparency into the sustainability of their supply chain. We also bring sustainable fabric and are launching a Sustainability Fund which enables factories to improve sustainability with investment.

About the Team:

We are currently a team of 5 versatile designers with NID and IIT backgrounds. We individually own and execute the entire experience of various Zilingo products. Our work involves talking to multiple teams from various disciplines, defining or refining the problem statement, and executing the UI and UX of products. The team always enjoys a candid rebutting session where there is always something to learn!

Job Overview:

At Zilingo, UX Designers have a strong voice in product direction, in our monthly product goal cycle, and in influencing the longer-term evolution of our value proposition for our customers. We value UX Designers who like to have a strong say in product direction and have the ability to have an iterative framework of working on both immediate goals as well as longer-term product evolution.

As a User Experience Design Lead at Zilingo, you will be responsible for meaningful and cohesive end-to-end experiences through a deep understanding of our customers, product strategy, and business. You will collaborate with product and engineering teams to build products by bringing the customer to the forefront in everything we do. You would work in an environment where we communicate ideas results transparently, and encourage iterating based on qualitative and quantitative inputs based on our evolving knowledge of customer expectations and on overall business direction.

You will need to think about both building easy-to-use B2B experiences for a broad B2B audience, as well as having a high level of quality of visual design. You will find it useful to have a passion for empathizing with customers and business needs and how to solve for them through design. Finally, you will also be expected to build strong, trusting bonds with other members of the UX design team as well as with engineering and product leaders. You will have to guide members of our UX team on their career trajectories as well as help them meet our short and long-term product goals.


  • Bring strong, user-centered design skills and business knowledge to translate conceptual ideas into exceptional design.
  • Think end-to-end – from how a design may looks like on multiple platforms keeping timelines in mind, all the way to how to nudge brand & production positioning in the right direction.
  • Have an evolving perspective on overall product strategy, and how to leverage design to shape it better.
  • Partner with design, engineering, and product teams in the execution and delivery of products and services.
  • Define long-term strategy, Objectives, and Key Results (OKRs) with a quarterly roadmap to
    achieve the product design and research vision and create impact.
  • Support and mentor our exceptional team of UX designers, and make key decisions on hiring & team responsibilities.
  • Leverage and foster the use of established UX techniques, templates, presentations, and assets
    in the creation of UX analysis, solutions, and materials.


  • At least 6 years of experience in UX design.
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Design, Architecture, or a related field, or comparable work experience.
  • A good understanding of and experience with B2B products would be a plus.
  • Additionally, a perspective on elevating the finesse and quality of B2B products, including landing pages, will be hugely appreciated.
  • Sound understanding of UX methodology, research, and product lifecycle on multiple platforms.
  • Knowledge of prototyping and testing at large and small scale.
  • Customer-focused, with experience using design research methods to uncover customer insights.
  • Experience with team leadership will be a great plus.
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