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Full Timeui/uxRemotePosted 2 years ago

About the role

Look, you’re going to be the first Product Designer on the team. Please only apply if you find that really, truly, especially exciting. Ok, and maybe a little frightening – we’re looking for a cool, vulnerable, and honest human after all.

The good news is that you’ll be joining a team that already cares deeply about talking to our users, creating a great experience for them, and incorporating their feedback into everything we do. But we need someone who can make us even better at those things.

To be honest, our approach to design to date has been patchy. Despite that clumsy approach, our growth has been really strong and users love our product. Suffice to say – we are excited to see what happens when you help us turn our design from a liability into a strength. That’s basically the job in a nutshell.

Plus, you'll be designing a product used by your peers at world class companies. There is a fun-meta-geekiness to the whole thing that never gets old.

General responsibilities

I’m not going to bother defining a bunch of responsibilities in detail. You’ll be our leading product design efforts, full stop. The one specific responsibility worth mentioning is creating and maintaining our design system.

Beyond that, we’re a rapidly growing startup that will probably ask you to help with a little bit of everything from time to time. You can expect to talk to users, summarize research, build out wireframes, create prototypes, and so on.

But don’t worry – we’ll work together to carve out clear areas of ownership and autonomy for you. You will report to me, the VP of Product. I’m more concerned about developing an awesome working relationship with you than I am about drawing up some UX vs. Design vs. Product venn diagram about who does what.

I believe, for this to work well, we need to be partners pursuing the same goals. We’ll sort out the specifics together.

Skills & experience

The baseline is someone who is smart, motivated, and an awesome teammate. It wouldn’t hurt if you were organized and a systems thinker as well.

2-5 years of UX / Product Design experience. Not too concerned about job titles – more that you’ve spent a good chunk of time designing modern web applications.

Very adept with modern design tools – Sketch, Figma, or whatever it is you like to use.

Proficient understanding of HTML / CSS – you do not need to a be a front-end developer by any means. But we want someone who can converse knowledgeably with developers and account for implementation complexity in their decision making.

Ideal candidate

— You love user research and use it to drive your thinking but generate your own ideas as well.
— You enjoy specializing deeply in your craft but like dabbling in other areas from time to time.
— You’re passionate about defending your opinions but enjoy having them challenged by the team.
— You do whatever it takes for the team to succeed but thrive working independently.
— You hold yourself and your work to a high standard but share rough drafts early and often.

About the team

We’re a remote team that is on a mission to help other teams discover and embrace user insights. We are proactive about staying close to one another despite not sharing the same physical space. Remote culture is real and we care about it – a lot.

We care a lot about feedback. From our users, of course. But also from each other. We hold company wide retros every month to make sure we’re always improving and everyone has a place to voice their feedback.

We’re a little weird? We’re fun? We’re empathetic? Don’t worry about it too much, there will be plenty of time to get to know us as we get to know you.

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