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UI/UX Designer

CureApp North America, Inc.

Our goal is to support people with healthcare technology so they can maintain their health and achieve their life goals.


Re-evolving therapeutics with software

We strive for the ideal of medical care, a world where all people can receive high-quality treatment without worry. By evolving treatment with the power of technology, we will solve the social issues surrounding healthcare and realize ideal medical care.


Creating new therapeutic effects through technology

We develop evidence-based medical programs, “Digital Therapeutics (DTx),” for patients who suffer from conditions that conventional treatment methods with drugs or devices could not effectively solve. We aim to deliver the new treatment to as many patients as possible.


Our approach to reaching the goal is centered around Digital Therapeutics (DTx). DTx is a new field of medicine designed to approach the root cause of health conditions using mobile applications. Our method does so by modifying how users understand and think about their conditions (cognitive change) and by changing their lifestyle gradually (behavioral change) to treat the conditions.

CureApp is the leading company in the DTx field in Japan with the first and only DTx regulatory and reimbursement approvals*. Our pipeline includes nicotine addiction, hypertension, NASH liver disease, alcoholism, cancer treatment, and respiratory/cardiovascular conditions. With our successful market entrance in Japan, we are planning to expand our business to the U.S. market.

Challenges for us to enter the market include cultural and linguistic gaps. Because the treatment approaches cognition and behavior through educational contents and virtual counseling sessions, the contents of the application need to be adjusted to the local culture and the U.S. healthcare system.

For this position, we are looking for an individual who:

  • Is passionate about creating a user-friendly product
  • Puts effort to understand the users through user hearing and small user tests
  • Can translate the user feedback into a product development plan
  • Can communicate with engineers to put the plan into action
  • Can design and prototype with a design tool



Responsibilities include:

  • Creating DTx solutions that effectively work for the U.S. population
  • Manage localization/translation companies to get high-quality localization
  • Work with a small number of engineers to make the product operational in the U.S.
  • Test product with a small number of users
  • Assess the gap between our expectations and users’ responses
  • List tasks to implement changes to the products
  • UI/UX design of iOS/Android apps and Web apps

It is also essential for our DTx to be adopted by the healthcare system. Therefore, you will be responsible to assess their requirements and create a plan to meet the requirements. This may include:

  • Discuss with potential customers (healthcare providers, insurance companies) and potential partners (pharmaceutical companies) to outline product functional requirements
  • Collaborate with the engineering team to create a minimum viable product to obtain feedback from potential customers and partners
  • Perform interviews and adjust functional requirements based on their input

Finally, it is important to maintain good communication with our Japanese management and engineering team:

  • Report to Japanese management to share and discuss updates
  • Discuss with other members of the U.S. expansion team to co-develop product expansion strategies

Skills and Qualifications

  • Speaks Japanese at a Business/Idiomatic level
  • Speaks English at an idiomatic level
  • Cross-cultural experience and understanding of U.S. culture and lifestyle (3+ years living in the U.S. is ideal)
  • Intermediate coding skill (preferably TypeScript and JavaScript)
  • Product prototyping experience
  • Experience in UI design tools (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.)
  • UX design experience
  • User assessment experience
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis for product tests
  • Experience in questionnaire development
  • Experience in Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system and/or experience in the medical field is a plus

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