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Goodtalk is hiring a Product Design Lead

What is Goodtalk?

Goodtalk lets you turn a text conversation into a broadcast for an audience to follow in real time or after the fact—like a podcast or TV show over SMS. We started Goodtalk because the signal to noise ratio in social media is truly awful. But even if you like the chaos of social media, it’s not possible to have an important conversation there (see the recent press on Twitter for proof of this:

By creating a virtual stage, Goodtalk works more like traditional media. When you watch a conversation on TV or listen to an NPR interview or podcast, you physically can’t interrupt. When you watch a panel discussion or a fireside chat on stage at a conference, the audience can laugh, applaud or ask a question at the designated time—but there’s an understanding that they won’t interrupt. Social media is designed for all voices to participate in every conversation, whether expert or troll—and this is valuable. But sometimes, you just want to follow a fascinating conversation and maybe learn something. This is where Goodtalks fits in. Think Rolling Stone interviews or Interview Magazine, only real time and decentralized.

We're early-stage but are seeing much more traction than expected. We wrote our first line of code just 7 months ago and already have 4 interfaces with a few hundred high profile journalists & artists reaching millions of viewers with our platform. (Platform, not app—we amplify fascinating conversations across our own apps but also SMS, social media, the creators' own sites or apps, OTT platforms, etc.) 

Check out this sample Goodtalk in which a few high profile Hollywood Directors discuss the 4 Percent Challenge, an important movement to promote female directors in Hollywood:

Or this one where NFL Quarterbacks had a group chat during the Super Bowl for anyone to follow live during the game:

Why we’re hiring now

If you check out the links above, you’ll see we need some help! We wrote our first line of code just 7 months ago, so cut us some slack—but everything about our site and apps feels… obvious and generic. It’s functional, but it doesn’t delight or surprise. And there are a lot of features we want to add that will require some intentional thought so we don’t overwhelm the user. And some users choose to use Goodtalk via SMS only—how does one create an optimal user experience using just the basic functionality of SMS?

What you’ll be working on

You will be focused on designing all aspects of our public-facing interfaces. Our challenges include reducing navigational complexity within & among conversations and making words on a page (i.e. text messages) visually compelling. Do you have it takes?

You’ll have the opportunity to hire and lead a team (if you want to—you could also choose to be a senior individual contributor if you prefer). We can also hire freelancers to fill in gaps where needed. But you’ll be the lead.

  • Work directly with the CEO to shape ideas and create prototypes.
  • Create design guidelines for our products to ensure interface consistency across devices.
  • Own copywriting in our products?—?either yourself or working with a contractor you will manage.
  • Design beautiful, clear interfaces for our iOS and Android apps.
  • Illustrate intuitive iconography for our applications
  • Help instill a design culture in the company as a whole?—?we want everyone to value and understand the role of design.
  • Organize and conduct monthly user studies to validate product concepts.

Ideal Candidate:

·     4-8 years of experience designing consumer products

·     Your skills live at the intersection of interaction and visual design. You might be stronger on one or the other, but have examples of both in your portfolio.

·     You can develop empathy for the user

·     You are excited about the prospect of working on one important, multi-faceted project, instead of agency/ freelance work.

·     You have experience with building products iteratively.

·     Self-starter, self-learner and quick to ask when blocked. You'll be the owner of a set of challenging projects, which you will drive from start to end… But asking for help is highly encouraged: You'll be working with an experienced team.

Why work at Goodtalk?

·      Goodtalk was selected to join Grand Central Tech, the most well connected and prestigious incubator/accelerator in NY (accepting just 20 companies out of over 1000 applications)

·      You will work directly with our founders who are Silicon Valley veterans, with multiple exits

·      We are building this company in NYC – because this city has every type of industry, every type of thing, every type of person

·      Work with a great team of strong individuals and experienced engineers who can bring your design to production- fast

·      Venture-backed, amazing culture and excellent compensation.

·      Generous equity in an early-stage company poised for rapid growth

·      Goodtalk covers 100% of the cost of health & dental insurance for employees

·      Your work will touch millions of people every day

APPLY: send an email to

  • A link to your online portfolio (or PDF if necessary), is required. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered.
  • If parts of your portfolio involved group work, please explain your specific role in the project.
  • Briefly explain in your email why you are a particularly excellent candidate for this job and what parts of your portfolio are especially relevant.
  • We will respond to all emails within a few days to confirm receipt and we’ll follow up with you if we’d like to get more detail. Thank you!

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