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Product Designer (UX)

Codeable ApS


About Codeable

Codeable is the only WordPress exclusive freelancer platform, connecting thousands of customers with top freelance talent across the world. We are a proudly small (less than 20 folks), fully remote and independent team with a big vision!

We believe that the world of online, on-demand and outsourcing work is bleeding and are on a mission to re-imagine it. We’ve set to create a healthy working environment for both freelancers and clients bringing back old values like "my word is my word" and "a deadline is a deadline". We are on a quest to create a platform that will enable both clients and freelancers to whistle while they work. We believe that it’s then and only then when the best work happens.

To serve our mission and bring our platform experience to the next level, we’re now looking to hire an experienced Product Designer to join our fully-distributed team.


What you’ll be doing?

You will be working with a cross functional team based in Europe to build and launch new product features on our platform to drive growth and enable easier interaction from our users. You will be involved at every step of the product development process, from brainstorming broad ideas to ensuring design quality through launch. You will be using your full range of interaction, visual, and product thinking skills to:

  • Collaborate with our customer experience researcher, product marketer and business stakeholders to define user problems and needs based on research and quantitative data.
  • Design at all levels of fidelity including user flows, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, visual designs, and detailed interactions for a product at scale — taking into consideration the full customer journey, touchpoints, mobile, and product experience.
  • Work with developers to oversee and review the building process to ensure a polished experience for both customers and experts.
  • Iterate on designs according to research and feedback.
  • Create and maintain our design system, principles and assets.

How we work and what we expect from you too?

  • We are a fully distributed team, so we use a combination of Slack, internal blogs and online meetings to communicate and collaborate. Frequent and clear written communication is a must.
  • We are not obsessed with tracking hours, setting schedules and managing your time. We expect you to have a strong self-driven work ethic. You need to be a self-starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion.
  • We default to trust and care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in.
  • We get the whole company together once a year around WordCamp Europe - the biggest regional conference for all-things WordPress. There we not only meet in person and have lots of fun, but also get together with our community of WordPress developers. This is a big deal for us!
  • We are very serious about our work, but also take fun seriously. We always appreciate a good joke and tend to not take ourselves too seriously. We hope you don't too :)

What our selection process looks like?

  • All candidates go through an initial resume screening process.
  • We then invite all shortlisted ones for an online interview with our marketing lead, product lead and customer experience lead. The goal of this interview is to get to know each other better.
  • If we find we’re a good fit, we’ll send you a trial task to work on independently. During this trial task period, you will be able to get in touch with ask to ask questions and clarifications if needed.
  • If we’re happy with the outcome of your work, we’ll invite you to a 2nd interview. The goal of this interview is to discuss your work and give you the opportunity to walk us through your problem solving process.
  • If the 2nd interview goes well too, we’ll send you a job offer and keep our fingers crossed you’ll accept it :)


  • Work from anywhere
  • Flexible work hours
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation
  • Annual team get-together
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