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UX/UI Designer

Collective Minds Radiology

Contractui/uxBarcelonaSpainPosted 1 years ago


Would you like to put your designer skills to real, life-saving use at a highly progressive startup aspiring to change the outlook for millions of patients? We’re a med-tech startup with our main office in Stockholm and a Software Engineering branch in Barcelona. Take part in disrupting the way patients are diagnosed and solve a problem costing global healthcare $6B every year.

Our ambition is to extract, facilitate and present the very best of human and machine intelligence around Medical Image diagnosis, wherever and whenever needed. We offer an atmosphere where the sky's the limit, where we seek to become the very best of UX simplicity and intuitivity in the complex field of Medical Expertise and AI interaction.

Today we operate with partners in Spain, Belgium and Lithuania, so be ready to join a highly flexible, virtual, self-starting culture with plenty of room for bringing your very best ideas into reality. Possibly you already live in the Barcelona area. However if you’re the right soul for the job, you could start this adventure virtually, keeping in mind that we will want you to relocate to the world’s greatest city, once we see that you’re the right person for the role.

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I’m Pär Kragsterman, CTO and Co-Founder of Collective Minds Radiology. Get back to me if you’re the person to jump onboard early and join a rapidly growing team in a startup backed by Swedish and European Innovation funds and seed investment capital.

Job Description

You are a talented UX/UI designer who can take ideas through prototyping, design and deliver a robust HTML/CSS/SASS package ready for the developers to hook into. You can show us samples of your previous work with proven user adoption. Teach us how to do this for real! How do you build a robust UX experience, where cross browser compatibility is a given and baked into the methodology and toolset? Show us the best of game economy design and nudging. We want your brain, creativity and skills, so be ready to shine and take serious steps forward in Man-Machine user interaction in an industry which clearly needs dragging into this century.


Understand product specifications and user psychology
Conduct concept and usability testing and gather feedback
Create personas through user research and data
Define the right interaction model and evaluate its success
Develop wireframes and prototypes around customer needs
Find creative ways to solve UX problems (e.g. usability, findability)
Create engaging and fun UI designs
Deliver a ready to hook into HTML/CSS package checked into Git
Graphic design for web and print use
Collaborate with Developers to create intuitive, user-friendly software
Cross-browser and platform testing as standard practice

Skills And Qualifications

Use of a fast and robust toolset from prototyping, design to UX code.
HTML, CSS, front-end frameworks (Bootstrap), CSS preprocessors (SASS), responsive cross-browser and cross-platform design,
Responsive design and mobile experience
Graphical design and concepting tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, …)
Color theory, graphic design, mockups and prototyping, testing / debugging and building from concept to deployment.
Experience working in an agile environment using Git.
Good understanding of front-end js frameworks such as Vue, Angular or React

You must be able to get involved and drive all your work in English. Spanish is a plus.

Extra points

Gamification, Game economy design, nudging psychology
Social network UX design experience
Animation and educational video production

Show us

We want to see examples of what you have personally built to date. Impress us with successful user adoption, UX intuitivity and simplicity to achieve complex tasks, engaging and fun designs and more...

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