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Lead Product Designer

Punch List


Punch List’s Lead Product Designer is responsible for taking the lead on interaction and design across our web products, mobile applications, and partner integrations. As the Lead Product Designer at Punch List, you’ll be responsible to set the visual tone for the company and will translate our vision into every aspect of the product. You will partner with the Product Management and Engineering teams to implement new directions, improve current layouts, and perfect every pixel. This role requires a leader who is willing to push the boundaries of common design practices, someone obsessed with beautifying an otherwise “boring” and fragmented industry (home remodeling). This role will require you to have empathy for two parties, the Homeowner and the Contractor, and design for their needs above all else.

You are someone who thinks like a founder, and wants to be directly responsible for your customer’s success (or failure). In the past, you’ve nurtured early ideas and turned them into tangible applications. You love to have a lot on your plate, and can work closely with a small team to implement both major initiatives and the smallest improvements. You are excited by the opportunity to be a founding team member, having the option to stay as an individual contributor or run all of product design for a growing company.


Punch List is a mobile app that helps Contractors and Homeowners complete remodels on-time, and on-budget. Contractors will find value in Punch List’s easy-to-use UI, streamlined digital payments offering (complete with free digital payments + low cost “instant access” to cash), and access to low APR loans to purchase materials and pay labor costs. Homeowners will appreciate the assurances provided by verified legal documents, ease of communication with Contractors via the central platform, and increased transparency around project milestones and budget tracking. As it grows, Punch List will become the de facto platform Contractors and Homeowners will use when remodeling, renovating, or building homes.


You have a passion for product design and enjoy delighting users with simple intuitive interfaces. You sweat the small stuff, obsessing over color and button placement, but see the big picture of how everything fits together to build a cohesive product. You understand the value of rapid prototyping and user research to quickly validate ideas and set the direction for the team. You communicate effectively across disciplines using your design expertise to transform ideas and insights into solutions. You want to be involved in something big from the start and have a stake in its success.

You are motivated by ownership and responsibility, and want to work with a small team that shares similar values. You have a track record of designing successful apps for customers, whether at startups or more established companies. You are able to explain your contributions to a past project’s development, and are proud of the ownership and autonomy that you owned throughout the process. Taking what you’ve learned, you are ready to apply those skills to a new challenge, one that can help millions of people during a very stressful time.

You champion diversity, building products for everyone. You have an independent voice. You celebrate your differences, and champion them in all aspects of your life. You aren’t another cookie-cutter designer, made from the same mold in SV. You want to serve as an example to other designers, Punch List employees, and Punch List Homeowners/Contractors - your best work comes when you are able to be you in all aspects of your life. You want to join others in this belief. You have built a dazzling portfolio demonstrating your expertise in design.


- Extensive experience in mobile application design, with at least 4+ years in a lead role
- Ability to articulate your creative direction, UI/UX design thesis, and brand design Strategy
- Ongoing contact and communication with our customers (Homeowners + Contractors)
- Ability to think strategically and craft a compelling product vision
- Past success shipping products that your customers love
- Empathy for user problems, and an ability to distill insights into the right product answer
- Experience with Reactive Native a plus


- Salary: Competitive cash compensation ($100K - $150K depending on experience)
- Stock: Meaningful ownership in an early stage company (1.0% - 4% depending on experience).
- Best-in-Class Healthcare: 100% company funded medical, dental, and vision policies.
- Unlimited PTO: Take days off when you need it or want it most.
Family Focus: Flexible working from home policies, supportive work life balance.
- Premier Office Space: Located in the Financial District of San Francisco, surrounded by great restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, and bars.
- Learning: Learning & Development opportunities for you to grow your skills and career, such as attending a relevant conference anywhere in the United States each year.
- Great team: Working with knowledgeable, hardworking, nice people who want to improve the remodel experience for both Homeowners and Contractors.

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