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Lead UX Designer

Mama Gaia Food Bar

Full Timeux$30k – $40kDenverUnited StatesPosted 1 years ago
About Mama Gaia:

Mama Gaia is a Denver-based start-up which offers Point Of Sale-enabled Smart Fridges to offices, apartment complexes, gyms, yoga studios, hospitals and more. Our Food Bars are stocked daily with fresh, locally-sourced, non-GMO food, like a mini Whole Foods for your business. Our Food Bars have the capacity to generate sales 24 hours a day without the overhead of an onsite staff.

Working at Mama Gaia at this early seed stage will allow you to grow with the company during its crucial phases, which will lead to an executive leadership position. This will start as a part-time, flexible position with equity to offer. We will happily work with you if you continue any and all other employment, with the understanding that as we scale, you will join full-time.

Role: Lead UX Designer

We are seeking a hands-on UX expert and leader to develop unique and innovative user experiences for our customers and vendors. We are looking for a creative and self-motivated individual who is excited by the challenge of building a lean start-up from its early stages. You will work closely with the CEO, CTO, and tech team from the research and prototyping phases for all interfaces (web and mobile), onto design and development and finally the full product launch to scale.

Skill Requirements:

Demonstrated expertise in UX
Relevant skills may include but not be limited to: UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Prototyping, Research & Development, Frontend Development
Share your UX knowledge and principles throughout the company as a leader and manager
Previous or current experience with at least one start-up is a plus


IMPORTANT! Please read below before reaching out. This position is equity-based only, for now. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground level of a start-up, and work on the core executive team.

The Lead UX Designer will receive .5% - 1% equity ownership based on experience
The Lead UX Designer will receive a base salary upon completion of a successful round of financing
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