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UX Developer

Cambridge Brain Sciences

Full Timeux$65k – $80kTorontoCanadaPosted 1 years ago
Reporting to the VP, Product and Customer Success, the UX Developer at Cambridge Brain Sciences will be responsible for the design and implementation of features that i) add significant clinical value to the healthcare professionals we serve and ii) directly impact core SaaS business metrics such as conversion, retention, etc.

This role is foundational—you will be the first internal hire for this position. This means you will have direct influence over both strategic and tactical components of the role, as well as the potential for significant growth and career advancement as the team scales.

Day-to-day responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Collaborating with the VP, Product and other team members to conduct user research, helping fuel product roadmap discussions. You will have significant input in identifying and prioritizing the highest impact product initiatives that serve to i) add significant customer value ii) contribute meaningfully to the business and iii) differentiate us from other solutions in the market
• Defining problem statements based on the research conducted and leading user experience ideation sessions (e.g., design charrettes) with various team members to form a divergent set of possible design solutions
• Testing hypotheses and back-of-the-napkin solutions with real customers, then iterating and converging on a potential “winning” user experience
Turning wireframes into high-fidelity designs using Sketch (or a design tool of your choice), then conducting usability sessions with customers to determine any final design tweaks
• Once design ready, collaborating with other developers on the team to bring those designs to life using HTML5, CSS, and React in an agile setting
Measuring the success of these designs once live, and iterating as required to maximize chances of success
• Spearheading the development and maintenance of our design pattern library, enabling design scalability and consistency
• On certain occasions, you may also be asked to assist with other design work outside of product projects (e.g, designing a case study PDF template) - this will be less than 5% of your time

Key Characteristics:

The perfect candidate for this role has a strong work ethic and embodies the following characteristics:

• Curious and Empathetic: Customer insights drive you forward, so you are naturally curious and keen to ask questions to ensure you gain a deep understanding of the customer’s pain point. When you conduct research, you’re able to pick out the most salient points and develop crisp problem statements that set the appropriate context for team members, allowing for productive ideation and brainstorming sessions.

• Creative and Efficient: You have a love of art and a passion for design—you might even talk to yourself as you go through life about the different UX problems you see, and sometimes come up with fun, creative solutions to solve them. You’re also fast and efficient—you understand that designs are never really finished and that “done well” is better than “perfect”. You can objectively recognize when you’ve reached the point of diminishing returns.

• Communicative and Confident: You have high EQ, which allows you to effortlessly navigate conversations with different stakeholders. Whether you’re articulating an idea to the product team, providing insight-backed rationale for a design decision you have made to another department, or hosting a usability session with a customer, you’re poised, confident and professional.

• Strategic and Analytical: You embrace quantitative measures of success and consistently track your progress, while maintaining strong insight-backed rationale for the choices you make. If something isn’t going the way you anticipated, you recognize it and change your tactics and measure again until you get it right. While customer insights guide you, you are able to draw a line from the work you do straight to the impact it has on the business.

• Collaborative and Humble: You thrive on feedback and recognize it’s a gift—throughout all stages of the design process, you seek to validate your work with customers to ensure we’re heading down the right track. You also work well in teams and are open to different ideas or design directions.

• Passionate: You are an expert in your craft and constantly looking to learn—you keep up-to-date with the latest design trends and have strong opinions about the aesthetics of the world around you.

Minimum Experience Requirements:

• A minimum of 2-years experience working on a product with an active and engaged user base, preferably in the B2B SaaS space
Junior to intermediate developer skills, with a proven ability to implement new software features, and maintain software using tools such as BitBucket, Docker, AWS, and CircleCI
• Experience working within an agile team with developers, QA specialists and product managers
• Ability to design high-fidelity user experiences using Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, or other design tools with similar functionalities
• Ability to implement your designs using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.
A portfolio that showcases your excellent understanding of interface and interaction design, fundamental visual design principles like typography and layout, and product thinking with a web-responsive or mobile focus
• Understanding of UX architecture discipline and artifacts (eg. Design-thinking principles, scrum / agile, etc.)
Currently reside in North America and permitted to work within Canada

The ideal candidate may also possess the following:

• Familiarity with Ruby on Rails
• Experience building software for healthcare professionals
• Interest or education in the neurosciences
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