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Posted 3 years ago

We have an immediate need for an experienced UX Designer/ UX Architect / UX Analyst to join our growing team. Work needs vary from baseline discovery processes to reimagining interfaces and user experiences for an exceptionally wide array of clients and project types.

You will likely start with lower hours per week initially as we integrate you into the team and projects and then scaling up from 20 to 32/36 hours per week over time as you demonstrate your skills, and as our business grows.

You’ll be a strong candidate if you have experience in as many of these areas as possible:

  • Strong theoretical background in UX with a passion for learning and reading
  • Technical knowledge of the tools and technologies we use, as well as an understanding of emerging trends, technologies and tools in the web and mobile application sectors
  • Experience integrating the needs and goals of marketing, project managers, end-users, customer stakeholders and business departments
  • Experience working with clients at the very start of the project and developing baseline project goals and objectives for site architecture
  • Skilled at working with people
  • Relatable and empathetic communication style
  • Experienced in analyzing data and ability to identify patterns and system design affinity
  • Skilled at extracting actionable insights from user behavior data
  • Skilled at interviewing stakeholders and customers to generate requirements, goals, and ideas pertaining to UX solutions
  • Experience working with marketing to build Customer Profiles
  • Ability to create Customer Journeys that model how things are, and how we want things to develop when using the product or service
  • Create mind maps documenting team discussions to help flush out feature sets, organization of information, and navigation
  • Create flow diagrams (UMLs) that outline workflows with decision in multi-step processes and define what will need to be coded/created
  • Create sitemaps for websites and navigation flow diagrams for applications
  • Develop wireframes for pages, showing relative sizing goals for elements based on priority on the screens. Wireframes should be informed by research and stakeholders input
  • Develop navigational interfaces that prioritize usability, data organization, efficiency and human design
  • Write technical and/or functional specification documents describing how the website or application is intended to work of function.

General but important skills

  • You’re capable of providing guidance, advice, and accurate estimates on your tasks
  • You have strong communication skills which convey warmth, empathy, understanding and enthusiasm/joy in your work, and a generally positive outlook in life
  • You build long term trust in your relationships and have strong work-ethics
  • You excel at working in a remote, telecommuting environment. You’re autonomous, self-driven, responsive, transparent, and self-organized
  • You have experience logging time against different tasks/projects and making sure you keep a good record each day of where your time was spent
  • You write detailed documentation and time logs to help others see and understand your work and appraise status of a project

Branching out of UX

While our current needs are focused on the architecture and analysis aspects of UX. If you have any of the following additional skills, we would love to know:

  • Product ownership
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Data / Software Architecture
  • UI Design
  • Building prototypes

Technologies we use

Since we work in a lot of technologies, we are looking for someone with a good working knowledge of current trends and a good broad knowledge of many platforms and solutions. You should also have habit and a good process for learning new skills, and adapting to limitations and changing technological capabilities.

Platforms we currently use include:

  • CMS systems: WordPress, Shopify, Drupal
  • Custom built platform solutions: React, React Native, Node.js, Vue,js, Angular.js, Django/Python, custom PHP
  • Mobile: Native and cross platform
  • Hosting: AWS, VPS and shared host


We use the following tools in house. Prior experience with these is advantageous but not essential:

  • Google G Suite tools: Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides
  • Google Analytics experience
  • HotJar (or similar) for user input analysis
  • InvisionApp and Figma for prototyping and comment-feedback processes
  • UXpresia for Customer Journey mapping
  • Design.io for flowcharts and sitemaps

Application Process

When applying, please provide your resume and a cover letter. If we move forward, we will request samples of your work, and for you to complete a survey to help us map your skills to our current needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Job Type: Contract

COVID-19 considerations: This is a fully remote position.

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