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Posted 3 years ago

To apply, contact: Edward@perceev.io

There are scoreboards and leaderboards in every sport. Perceev wants the best endurance sport leaderboard design. We are all about data visualization, the leaderboard will primarily be used for triathlons, cycling, running and swimming events, but will also be used for cross-country too.

If you are a great user experience designer and an Endurance athlete (a huge plus) this could be your dream job. The right candidate will work into a long term hire.

Learn more about Perceev, you can:

  • Visit our website: www.perceev.io
  • Download our app in apple store: Perceev

Key features: (inspiration from: Perceev app, Nascar, formula 1)

  • Leaderboard looks and feels like the Perceev app leaderboard. Very easy to navigate, great data visualization on one page, ability to go to select different divisions, splits, King or Queen of segment, watch race event live on map, sponsors called out, chart for course elevation, show which elite athlete is mic'd up and with video cam for elites, commentary (on/off) maps with live action, add athletes to follow, special look and feel when you click on athlete for their race stats,

Training Activity page: (inspiration from strava, fitbit)

  • Daily, weekly monthly log
  • type of activity (run, bike, swim)
  • Time, distance, pace, HR, power, cadence, splits, elevation, etc,
  • Map of course
  • Tag friends
  • ability to take notes
  • Ability to add pics
  • add apparel
  • add shoes

Profile page:

  • Like the app
  • best stats
  • Previous events
  • more

APPLY NOW ! Email Edward@perceev.io

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