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8i is looking for an experienced UI/UX designer to give our client tools an overhaul and refresh. 8i’s fully custom software stack and multi-camera capture system has given us a dominant position in the AR/VR volumetric capture market, and we believe with the right skill set the design of our tools can cement our position further. We have an immediate need for a designer to review our tools, how they operate, and how they should appear. This is an opportunity for the right candidate to learn about our multifaceted technology whilst owning the design of an entire system.

Within this role you would own the entire design cycle, providing regular reviews and discussions of your designs, before delivering a final suite of designs. The work will be based around 8i’s Wellington team with input from the US branch as required. To gain an understanding of what we do the applicant will be trained in the operation of 8i’s stage capture software and reconstruction pipeline. Extended scope for work would be expanding on our stage visualisations and training materials. The majority of our applications are all native desktop applications, with very few tools on the web.


Required skills and experience:

  • Previous UI/UX design experience with a portfolio of prior works
  • Design for desktop application workflows
  • Excellent visual design skills
  • Ability to identify user behaviour patterns for UX improvements
  • Ability to analyse current designs and rework and improve the UX
  • Ability to present and iterate on designs with team members
  • Strong technological grasp

Additional useful skills:

  • Knowledge of Qt/QML based applications
  • Experience in VFX workflows


At 8i, we are leaving behind the world of 2D content and communication, launching towards the horizon of our 3D future. Our proprietary technology brings the full depth of people and their expressions to consumer platforms which for decades could only broadcast a single point of view. We have gathered the best of the best in the industry of computer vision and graphics to create an end to end solution for delivering the highest quality human representations while still conforming to the parameters required for commercial playback. The best way to explain what it feels like to be in the room with your children who are on the other side of the globe, or learn how to breakdance by seeing each angle of a performance, or to travel to space with Buzz Aldrin as he explains his vision for human space exploration, is simply, magic.

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