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Posted 3y ago

CAR.O.L is the world’s first artificially intelligent exercise bike which compresses a 45 minute jog into 2, 20-second maximum intensity sprints.

How does it work?

  1. CAR.O.L uses artificial intelligence to apply the exact maximum resistance based on your physiology and ability. This personalises your workout.
  2. At this resistance you will reach your maximum power within 5 seconds of starting the sprint.
  3. When you reach max power, you will deplete glycogen.
  4. Glycogen depletion triggers a host of molecular changes that make you fitter, slimmer, healthier.
  5. As you ride, CAR.O.L will gather biometric data from on-board sensors to assess your performance against her algorithms.
  6. CAR.O.L will then tailor each session to give you the most effective workout. If you get fitter, resistance increases, if you are struggling, resistance decreases. Because there are 1000 resistance settings and none controlled by the rider, any change happens in small increments.  She will let you know what she is doing — she can be a bit evil!
  7. If CAR.O.L’s safety algorithms detect any abnormality in your heart rate, the ride will automatically abort.
  8. CAR.O.L calculates many metrics, especially your fitness metric called your Octane Score. It is your power per heartbeat and a close VO2Max proxy.

For more information about the company please see our website (www.carolfitai.com), and demonstration featured on a BBC documentary (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05w69pf).

We are looking for a design-focused rather than developer-focused UI/UX designer to join the product team. 


The primary responsibility for this role will be to develop an engaging visual and experiential brand through all the touch points with our product and our digital channels. We are looking for a design genius that ‘gets’ the brand and offers the most compelling experience for our customers. The business is growing fast and rapidly expanding and therefore provides a great growth opportunity for an ambitious candidate to develop their own creative path with the company.

This role will involve:

  • Designing the look and feel of our mobile app and our online user login
  • Designing the experience using the bike around different user journeys
  • Leading the experiential build out of our next-generation bike


  • Graphic and visual design


  • Examples or portfolio of previous work
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