Senior UI / UX Designer


Create delightful UX/UI for a new HR platform designed for the Gig Economy by rethinking and digitizing manual workflows. Make everyday administrative tasks easier and intuitive for millions of freelancers through beautiful design focused on reducing friction.

What we are doing:
We are designing enterprise products to make these tasks easy and delightful. Our focus is process automation, AI, digitizing workflows and building beautiful, intuitive apps.

The Gig Economy is exploding.
Freelancers, contractors, consultants, gig workers.
Non-employees are projected to account for up to 50% of the workforce by 2020.
That is $3.2 trillion in spend.
More than 50 million people in the US

If you have previously freelanced you may be familiar with some of the pain points that come with working as a contractor, tasks like time tracking, invoicing; getting business insurance, benefits; filing taxes; new hire paperwork and a host of other 'challenges'. GreenLight wants to help freelancers with all these things and more.

Public policy, laws, organizational structures and operational software is not designed for the future of work. This is creating a massive safety net issue for millions of contractors and freelancer workers who don’t get access to benefits. It also creates problems and risks for the companies who use freelancers; and creates a need for lots of additional processes for HR, legal and finance folks.

We are a Palo Alto based, venture funded startup in the HR / freelancer space. We are industry veterans with deep domain expertise and we are committed to building the best user experience in our industry. This is a ground-floor opportunity to help shape a company from its earliest stages. You will mainly be working with our CTO who leads a four person development team and a handful of freelancers.

We are looking for someone to own design. We have a start-up culture and will be counting on you to come in, be a difference maker, and take the lead in:
• Understanding and evaluating user requirements
• Illustrating design ideas using process flows, storyboards, and site maps
• Designing graphic user interface elements (menus, tabs, and widgets)
• Developing UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look
• Identifying and troubleshooting UX problems
• Conducting layout adjustments based on user feedback
• Developing style standards on fonts, colors, and images
• Maintaining a design system and working with freelancers to get tasks completed

We are open to candidates seeking a contract or full-time position. You do not need to be based in our office, but we would prefer you to visit the office at least twice per week.

Required experience:
- digitizing and improving manual workflows
- creating process flows, site maps, storyboards, user flows, and wire-frames
- high-fidelity production-quality design with a strong portfolio
- business-to-business, enterprise applications
- product design and development
- experience with HR, financial services or other business process applications a plus
- it would be great if you have worked as a contractor/freelancer (if it was a at an enterprise organization, even better) as you will be able to more easily understand and empathize with the challenges we are solving.

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