Senior Digital Product Designer


Our Core Values:

* Users come first
* Build a better product, not just different
* Do less but get more done
* Always be learning

It takes a village to start a movement. We’re on a mission to be the best digital paper possible. Come join us to help make work and study more efficient and enjoyable. 

What you’ll do

    • Work with teams in 6 weeks cycles to define problems, research, prototype, and celebrate sweet success with our chef's delicacies.
    • Discover opportunities and insights from interviews, workshops, user tests, and all sorts of new research techniques.
    • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to inform design decisions and product strategies.
    • Turn complex user problems and business opportunities, into simple and elegant designs.
    • Continuously improve our design system and other DesignOps.
    • Help foster a fantastic design culture with knowledge sharing, peer support, and design critics.

Preferred Requirements

    • Designed products that have gotten love letters from your users
    • A great story teller capable in explaining and getting buy-ins on your thought process and product vision from the stake holders
    • An avid note taker who takes note everywhere
    • Production experience working with high performance engineering and product team to deliver project from start to end
    • Iterated and led product cycle from conducting and analysing user research to validating hypothesis via prototypes to shipping high fidelity design on production
    • A strong understanding of layout, typography and visual hierarchy
    • Fluency in Figma, Sketch, Adobe CC, InVision, Principle, Framer, Flinto or any other design & prototyping tools
    • Experience in design systems, motion design, microcopy, or HTML/CSS is a huge plus

We require all applicants to work on and submit a take home assignment first. We will not progress your application until we have received this.

We invite candidates to record a case study walkthrough video. The video is expected to be 20 minutes in duration. You DON’T have to edit out stutters or add any motion graphic etc. Just a plain recording in your pyjamas will do. You can upload your video recording through our application form below.

If you are having trouble uploading the video, you can paste a private Youtube link (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/157177?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en), a Google Drive link (https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2494822?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en), or a Loom link (https://www.loom.com/) on the application form too.

Why we ask for a pre-recorded presentation
- It helps establish a shared understanding of your work between you and our interviewers ahead of the first interview.
- It allows us to ask more informed questions about your experience and work during the interview process.
- Generally, we avoid using meetings as a means to present. Instead, we record or type our thoughts and use meetings as Q&A. This exercise provides you with an opportunity to experience this style of work.

Presentation topics
1) A short self-introduction, and a high-level overview of one piece of work.
2) We want to understand:
- The goals of the project
- Structure of the team you were a part of
- What you personally did on the project
- Your process and methodology
- The challenges you faced, and how you approached them
- How you synthesized research data to inform product and design decisions
- The final output and its impact on the business and to the users
- Your reflections and lessons learned

Apply Now:

* You'll receive a competitive compensation and meaningful equity along with a chance to make significant contribution to a product people already love.
* Most of our positions are eligible for remote work, provided you have at least 3 hours of overlap with the team in the office every weekday between 10 AM and 6 PM. Please indicate your preference in your application form.
*You're also welcome to join us in our Hong Kong or London office, we sponsor visas and relocations.
* We take care of you and your loved ones with medical insurance and flexible working hours including two optional work-from-home days!
* Join our best company tradition, the annual off-site. Check out our pictures from team outings and more on our Instagram.
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