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Posted 2y ago
At Loblaw Digital, we know that our customers expect the best from us. Whether that means building the best, most innovative online shopping experiences, or designing an app that will impact the lives of people across the country, we’re up for the challenge. Loblaw Digital is the team responsible for building and operating the online businesses of Canada’s largest and most successful retailer. Based in downtown Toronto, we are an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and collaborative team working towards transforming the way Canadians shop by creating leading eCommerce experiences in the online grocery shopping, beauty, pharmacy, loyalty, and apparel spaces, and we’re only just getting started! To achieve these goals, we are looking for talented and passionate individuals who want to collaborate and solve challenging problems and make significant and lasting impact on Canadians. 

Why is this role important?

As a Product Designer on PC Optimum, you will fully participate in designing the services and operations behind the scenes to deliver experiences that our customers find useful, convenient, and would recommend to their friends & families. You will be customer-focused with the ability to utilize research and data to plan what outcomes are needed. You will also be able to work in a collaborative environment in which you take ownership of your tasks and you will ultimately contribute to the overall success of Loblaw Digital.

To succeed as a Product Designer at Loblaw Digital, you should:

    • Be customer-focused – We measure our success in terms of our customers’ satisfaction and delight with every part of the experience we offer. As a product designer, your experience affords you a point of view on what great experiences might look like through different customer lenses and how to test your ideas. We serve all Canadians, and their needs are not homogeneous; your challenge is to find ways to understand and meet those needs.
    • Be collaborative – You value everyone’s perspectives – customers, your colleagues – and one of your most powerful design skills is facilitation to help everyone on your team understand the full context of a problem, opportunity, or solution and come to a shared understanding.
    • Be outcomes-focused – At Loblaw Digital, customer and business outcomes are everyone’s responsibility. You’re a systems thinker who can think beyond screen design to understand how our customers’ and our business’ broader context inter-connect and influence user experience design decisions.
    • Be hypothesis driven – You love the problem, not your solutions. Your design practice is grounded in the acknowledgement that every solution is a hypothesis built on assumptions and that those hypotheses and assumptions need to be tested and validated.
    • Be research- and data-informed – You’re experienced with how to leverage the power of research and data to identify problems, opportunities, and solutions. Because you understand what types of insights each of these different data sources can provide, you know what type of data to ask for, as well as how to organize, interpret, and use that data to make strategic design decisions.
    • Be self-managed – You know how to provide design project management leadership by scoping your work effort and collaborating with product managers and developers to sequence your work.

What you’ll do

    • Bring art direction and design finesse to the digital product world: combine brand guidelines with systems thinking to help our products be beautiful, functional and AA accessible.
    • Create alignment: share and collaborate with different types of designers (marketing, content, product, etc.) to deliver thoughtful, consistent experiences.
    • Use and contribute to the Loblaws Digital pattern library: we’re building up a pattern library that will form the basis of a design system, and you’ll be expected to contribute leadership and expertise towards that endeavor
    • Frame problems and opportunities: you’ll have access to existing data and research as well as the mandate to identify when primary research needs to be done in order to define the problem or opportunity at hand
    • Interaction design: you have a strong grasp of the interplay among words, visuals, space, time, and behaviours of digital user interfaces; in addition, your role at Loblaw Digital also offers opportunities to go beyond digital UI to influence the fundamental design of the services we offer to our customers
    • Design and conduct usability tests on your design ideas, as well as use the findings to refine your ideas
    • Design and conduct generative research, when appropriate, to deepen our understanding of customer needs and identify business opportunities
    • Facilitate discussions to help colleagues reach a shared understanding of problems and opportunities
    • Create all required design artifacts for front-end devs to implement.
    • Track the performance of designs post-launch and continue to optimize based on data.
    • Build trust with the larger team and help onboard our business partners into a collaborative model of working
    • Engage with and support the design team in an atmosphere of humility and continuous learning.

Your portfolio should include case studies that demonstrate:

    • Proven ability to art direct and deliver heavily branded designs in the digital space.
    • Experience using or building product-centric design systems.
    • Your abilities to frame problems and opportunities to address customer or business;
    • Your approaches to problem solving and managing / balancing conflicting stakeholder needs as well as complex business operational needs and constraints;
    • The key performance indicators you used to measure the effectiveness of your solutions;
    • Your ability to use design as a tool to uncover what questions to ask, what solutions to explore, and how to define and measure success.
    • Experience in building and shipping complex applications or software
    • Experience in working in a cross-functional team environment with multiple designers, multiple product managers, multiple stakeholders
    • Experience working with data in collaboration with analysts to query web analytics data and qualitative customer feedback
How you’ll succeed

At Loblaw Digital, we seek great people to continually strengthen our culture. We believe great people model our values, are authentic, build trust and make connections. We’re able to keep innovating because our colleagues are passionate about their work and excited about the future of eCommerce. You will get to work with some of the best digital minds and will have the support of world class technologies to craft products our customers will love!

Loblaw Digital recognizes Canada's diversity as a source of national pride and strength. We have made it a priority to reflect our nation’s evolving diversity in the products we sell, the people we hire, and the culture we create in our organization. Accommodation is available upon request for applicants with disabilities in the recruitment and assessment process and when hired. In addition, we believe that compliance with laws is about doing the right thing.  Upholding the law is part of our Code of Conduct – it reinforces what our customers and stakeholders expect of us.
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