Product Designer

Compose AI

Compose AI is a fast growing startup backed by YCombinator that just recently closed a seed round. We’re building Gmail's autocomplete, but everywhere in the browser, along with other writing automation tools.

Our long-term vision is to not only enable autocomplete everywhere, but to ultimately understand users' goals within existing applications and leverage that understanding to complete those goals. You can imagine something like Siri that you do not have to change your existing behavior to use. Instead of needing to remember Siri then asking her to do something for you, it happens (or prompts you) automatically when it becomes obvious that you need something done.

Job Description
We're looking for a product designer (contract or potentially part-time moving into a full-time role) to work closely with the founders in exploring new ideas, fleshing out requirements, clearing up ambiguity, and ultimately create mockups/sketches and user flows that our engineers can use to implement quickly.

We are looking for someone who leans a bit more into the product and UX side of design rather than a master of visual design.

Upcoming Problems to Solve
Design smooth onboarding experiences for new users and new tools
Design an experience that works well across every website and feels well-integrated with each website
Design fun interactions to make using the extension a memorable experience and one they want to master over time (think gamification and/or user education)
Design a dashboard experience / other mechanisms to show users how much time Compose AI saves them and make them feel those savings
Design more writing-related tools other than autocomplete such as quickly rephrasing emails, paragraphs, sentences, clauses, etc.

2+ years of UX/UI/Product Design Experience
Great written communication skills
Can work with PMs to take an idea from conception to requirements to set of wireframes and user flows that can be handed off to engineering team

Ideal Candidates
Experience working at an early-stage startup (< 25 employees)
Experience designing for Chrome Extensions / tools that are used on top of many other tools
UI/Visual design skills

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