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Senior UX Designer

ShipHero partners with thousands of eCommerce brands to help them scale and profitably grow their business. We are a leading B2B SaaS provider for Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and offer fulfillment as a service. We provide a robust suite of fulfillment solutions for the brands we serve, including the ability to improve their transit times, shipping costs and deliver an outstanding customer experience. We serve more than 10% of Shopify Plus stores globally and have over 100 million packages shipped. With a near-perfect accuracy rate in fulfilling orders and orders shipped on time, brands can count on us.

This is a remote position with regular communication using video chat and Slack. Applicants should be able to work during regular business hours in the Eastern Time Zone (8am-5pm), and be located within this time range ( UTC-7 to UTC+1 ).

ShipHero puts a strong emphasis on asynchronous work so you can have large chunks of uninterrupted time to focus and work.
For more information about our internal communication philosophy, click HERE.

About the Role
As a Senior UX Designer:

  • You will drive the design-thinking process by partnering with other designers and team members.
  • You will Gather insights and interview key stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of ShipHero and the task at hand.
  • You will Use different design methodologies to problem solve and brainstorm potential solutions.
  • You should be able to create prototypes to test proposed solutions and create high-resolution designs.
  • You will test your solutions and iterate in an agile way while closely collaborating with front-end teams

About You

  • You are a curious person, constantly asking “why.”
  • You are excited by a challenge.
  • You are a geek who loves to learn and can spend hours talking about a subject.
  • You know what you are really good at and you believe in sharing that knowledge with others.
  • You embrace your vulnerability and enjoy being surrounded by people who master subjects you don't
  • You don’t view failure as a setback, you take advantage of the chance to learn and iterate.
  • You have a deep sense of ownership and responsibility
  • You know how to work collaboratively, and give and receive feedback.
  • You feel empowered when you work as a team.


  • $4,460 so you can buy any equipment you need to be happy at your job
  • 20 days paid vacation + Standard U.S. Holidays
  • Conference days don't count against your vacation days, we want you to stay up-to-date
  • We will pay for courses & conferences; if you learn we all learn
  • Free health insurance for U.S.-based employees.

Our Culture

Our culture reflects our founder’s belief that by bringing empathetic, talented, and great people together - you can be empowered to do great things. We’re driven to help our customers grow their businesses by providing solutions that solve complex problems, continually engineered to be secure, reliable, and fast. Our core values are more than words on a page, they are the foundation for how we interact with co-workers and their families, clients, partners, and vendors.

Our Core Values:

  1. Do the right thing - Our employees are held to the highest standards. We act with integrity and honesty, embrace accountability, do what’s right, even when no one is watching.
  2. Tenacity - We take a relentless approach in our business: We show up expecting to win every day, obsess about serving our clients and employees, and are driven by results.
  3. Have Fun & Be Bold - We support work-life balance and have fun while being our bold and authentic selves.
  4. Scrappiness - We do more with less. We are scrappy, determined, resourceful, and relentless in delivering results.

Apply today at: https://shiphero.breezy.hr/

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