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Yaya is a digital design consultancy, focused on digital human-centred design.

We are looking for a product designer to join our team to design beautiful interfaces and products that enhance the user’s experience and that our clients love.

If you believe in the power of technology to transform businesses and enrich people’s lives and if you love solving complex challenges in a variety of fields, a career as a digital product designer at Yaya could be exactly what you’re looking for. We are a StartUp Awards shortlisted consultancy who create products, websites, brands, and design systems for our clients that result in satisfied users and that solve client problems.

Salary: £30,000 per annum + share options

Selection Process: Online application followed by an online interview and in person interview.

Start date: September

Application close date: 29th August 2022

If you have any questions, please email recruitment@yaya.co.

Some examples of our work:

  • Creating a strategy and designing the UX and UI for a corporate fitness app that is focused on inclusivity in sport, charity initiatives and getting everyone in the companies involved in exercise.
  • Designing the brand and product for an upcoming American investment software company, exploring and understanding users and their needs when using the product, and creating an end result that feels both luxurious and efficient.
  • Designing the website, brand and UI for an animal health startup who are creating microchip enabled real time data-driven monitoring for pets and livestock.

We focus on the things that really matter to our people: flexibility, fairness, and helping each other do good work. We take a common-sense approach to how we work together. It’s up to you to construct an approach to work that enables you to deliver at your best; whether you need to fit your working day around your children, work from home or the office, or anything else that’s key to your performance, we’ll do our best to make it work. We expect everyone to work respectfully, be open to giving and receiving feedback, and to act in the best interests of growing Yaya.

The following behaviours are key for all our people:

  • We ask ‘Why?’. Whether it’s a client problem or a new way of working, we’re interested in understanding what’s really going on. That means everyone should be curious, probing, and able to articulate the challenge they’re trying to solve accurately before they set out to solve it.
  • We put ourselves in the shoes of others. This is as true with regard to empathy in design as it is in client and colleague relationships, or the work we do with non-profits. It’s critical that we’re all able to remove our own ego from getting in the way of solving other peoples’ biggest challenges.
  • We care about the results. We don’t walk away when we hand over a design, we make sure it solves the problem it’s supposed to. We all focus on the results that matter to grow the business and have skin in the game when it comes to the success of Yaya.


As a designer at Yaya, you will be responsible for:

Creative vision and conceptual skills

You will be part of a team of designers who will help shape the creative and visual direction of our products, as well as ensuring they are functional and a joy to use. Interpret data and content quickly and feel confident translating it into visuals.

UX/UI implementation

You will use knowledge of UX and UI to create excellent products and outcomes that satisfy user needs. You should be able to utilise human centred design principles and be user centred when it comes to design. You should have an understanding of wireframing, prototyping and user testing so you are able to effectively inform your design decisions.

Stakeholder management & productive client relationships

Our entire team is client-facing and you will be expected to present to, collaborate with, and manage expectations of our clients around UI.

Developer handover

You will hand over designs to developers, ensuring all parts of the UI are detailed and explained in ways that enable the building of our products.

Designers at Yaya:

  • Need to be able to work in Figma, as that is where most of our work is done.
  • Need to have a strong understanding of UI principles such as hierarchy, type and branding.
  • Should be able to build and utilise design systems effectively.
  • Need to be able to work within brand guidelines so that our clients are satisfied.
  • Need to have an eye for accessibility in digital design.
  • Should have an awareness of UI trends and tech trends.

What we’re looking for in our designers

  • Openness to information. Always looking for the right data and insight to solve the problem at hand. Loving research and discovering new ideas. Never closed off to new information.
  • Processing information. Able to derive new solutions from the information in front of you. Going deep into a challenge to figure out hypotheses to test and then analyse the validity of the approach through data.
  • Empathy. Feeling things from the perspective of users in order to solve their real challenges and ensure our products click with their desires.
  • Facilitation. Bringing people and groups together to collaborate on ideation. Never leaving anyone behind or disenfranchising clients from the process.
  • Building confidence. Able to build trust through every interaction with clients, present work confidently, and influence effectively at a senior level with our clients; this is crucial to moving projects on and securing future engagements.


The Yaya Academy

We will provide the training, on the job development, and performance coaching you need to be successful in your role; not just the basic design skills you use day to day but wider consulting skills that will set you up to be a more well-rounded and valuable team member in future. Our plan is to promote from within and the first people to join us will be well-placed to take on leadership roles in the company as it scales.

Wellbeing and benefits

At Yaya we have a strong focus on wellbeing and inclusion, and so every employee is provided with resources and schemes to ensure they are well and taken care of.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive health insurance plan for you (and your dependants if you wish)
  • Discounted gym membership
  • An employee assistance program
  • An unlimited holiday allowance

Sharing in our success

One thing that is vital to our culture is that we all have a share in the success of the business. That’s why everyone in the business takes a share of our profit each year. We chose to reward people this way, instead of individual performance-related bonuses, so that we’re all in it together and share in the wins of the team rather than the individual. At Yaya everyone has access to these schemes as soon as they join. This is because we know our entire team is the key to our growth and should share in the reward from their efforts.

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