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Lead UX Strategist (Healthcare) Job Description

If you’re interested in a truly exciting and impactful opportunity for a client-facing role where you will execute and deliver UX strategy and research with the chance to work on emergent technologies and emergent UX practices as part of a growing team of smart, talented, and passionate designers, researchers, and strategists, you may want to read on.

So here are a few things you can expect to do:

Participate in pre-sales activities

  • Assist in helping clients see how Productive Edge can help them define their UX strategy and product roadmap
  • Create proposals, write Statement of Works and pitch PE UX services to senior leadership at various clients
  • Help clients see how CX can be an important part of their overall digital transformation programs
  • Work with senior executives at clients to help them scope and define CX strategies across Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Retail clients. 

Co-create with clients, other members of our UX Design team and the array of Productive Edge Delivery teams. 

  • You’ll lead or participate in service and interaction design and strategy-related activities on projects, including, but not exclusive to client workshops, brainstorming activities, design definitions, and visioning exercises. 
  • Help clients reframe problems to reveal innovative ways to approach or solve them will be vital. As well as solving those problems the UX Strategist will be able to evaluate and articulate the business and organizational implications of the solution they’re proposing.
  • Help clients with an optimal operating model definition that will enable the transformation to occur

Analyze customer data.

  • Understand when it’s appropriate to integrate quantitative data in the UX process that works to support project objectives and give greater breadth to qualitative research findings and insights.
  • Work with clients to gather and analyze the necessary data required to make informed design decisions throughout a project’s lifecycle. 

Plan and conduct UX research including, but not exclusive to the following:

  • Lead a strategic user-centered research project from inception to final delivery
  • Uncover user needs through empathy research to develop deep insights, generate concepts, and craft how people will interact with the products and experiences we design.
  • Frame and tell the story of the team’s design solutions. Present the communication of research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally and visually.
  • Develop new ways of working, new potential experiences for client’s associates based on outcomes of user-centered research.

Develop Digital Organizational Strategy for Client

  • Assist in building a multi-year strategic digital roadmap that aligns to future-state technology landscape, organizational models, and outcomes of user-centered research study
  • Support the digital, data, and technical strategy team in identifying and addressing the client’s gaps/opportunities
  • Provide input to the strategy team to deliver the multi-year roadmap as well as the plan/budget for short-term technology initiatives that support the outcomes of user-centered research study

So who are you? Probably someone whose colleagues and friends describe as:

  • A master communicator who makes clarity from confusion
  • A storyteller who communicates through visual artifacts
  • A strategic thinker who takes an empathetic, user-centered approach to problem solving
  • A confident person who’s humble, and never pretends to be someone they're not
  • An intensely creative, curious person driven by design, communication, and constant learning
  • A natural leader who drives conversations, speaks clearly, and invites others into their creative process
  • A positive person who has fun with their work, who shares their positivity with the team on a daily basis

And what have you done so far in your career? Probably something like:

  • Worked in a consulting role, and clearly communicated the value of user-centered research and design practices to clients and teammates, alike
  • Driven and applied user-centered research processes while working collaboratively with customers and cross-functional team members.
  • Worked as or alongside different areas of specialization within the greater design landscape, including but not limited to UX research, visual design, content design, or UX strategy.
  • Created experience maps, user journeys and service blueprints, interaction models, behavioral archetypes, and ecosystem maps.
  • Employed rapid prototyping and iterative usability testing methodology, ranging from paper prototypes and guerrilla testing to digital prototypes and in-lab testing. 
  • Led or partnered in the creation of long-term product roadmaps.
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