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Hello Everyone, 

We are looking for a cofounder to join our startup Verado.com as a Product designer / CPO. Verado is on a mission to empower people to sell their belongings instantly. We believe current selling avenues are outdated and time consuming and we want to create a game changing experience for everyone considering to monetise their second-hand goods. 

We are an early stage startup founded by 2 brothers, Mirko and Claudio de Giovanni with previous experience building some of the fastest growing digital businesses of this decade and 1x exit under our belt. 

We envision a world where products’ lifecycle is lengthened and the ecological burden of consumerism eradicated and we need super smart, super hard-working and super-talented people to joing our team. Alone we won't achieve our mission but together we can. We are looking for an oustanding software engineer to help us bring to market our innovative solutions to beautify, simplify and upgrade the current, outdate resale experience. 

Our first product is currently live in beta on Verado.com , providing instant valuations for people's used belongings.

We want to create the simplest and fastest solution empowering people to understand how much their things are worth. We envision this to be done with a combination of advanced technologies (Computer Vision / Machine Learning) and innovative UX / UI. Our ideal CPO / Product Designer is someone with an outstanding understanding of UX and an ability to design beautiful, engaging user interfaces that are innovative, yet simple to use and understand. 

Although we are open to discuss this position with people coming from a variety of different backgrounds, we have a strong preference to work with people with a demonstrated history of designing cool tech products entrepreneurially. 

This is a sweat equity based position until further funding is unlocked. Part time is an option. 

Please try out our service on Verado.com and send across your application if interested. 


Verado Team

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