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About Tomo

Tomo’s mission is to bring omotenashi to the home buying experience.

Omotenashi is a Japanese principle of hospitality. It involves anticipating the customer’s needs and striving to meet them before the customer is even aware that they exist. It holds that service is a noble profession and that we should take pride in delivering it. As such, we strive to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to our customers, where we go to great lengths to ensure that every detail is memorable.

About You:

The UX Designer’s mission is to help Tomo create a homebuying experience for its customers that takes the stress out of the process and leaves only joy behind. The UX Designer accomplishes this mission by designing our product and service to deliver this experience, in collaboration with other functions like marketing and product. 

We are hiring for this position across multiple levels - mid to senior and encourage all levels to apply!

You will:

    • Identify opportunities for consumer research and competitive analysis to improve our understanding of our customer and our market
    • Work with marketing to help develop our brand and determine how it can be supported in product and communications throughout the experience
    • Craft our customer experience across multiple platforms, including web, app, phone, text, email, and video
    • Partner with product management and engineering to provide designs to support the product development effort
    • Conduct usability testing to assess the success of prototypes and product
    • Collaborate with analytics to ensure we collect data that provides us with insight into how consumers experience our offering
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