UI/UX Designer


** Salary Range: Up to 2000$/month.

** Job Description:
- Working cross team to gather user & client insights: what they love, and what they need, how do they use products, how to make their life easier with automation and seamless experience.
- Working closely with Product, Marketing, Engineer & UI Design for user analysis, design for key products as well as conceive of, design, and deploy new features, improve existing ones.
- Creating UX deliverables including: concepts, competitive analyses, use cases, user ?ows, wireframes, prototypes, visual designs, and speci?cations.
- Maintaining customer journey across platforms, partners, channels, physical & digital products.
- Crafting a simple and elegant user journey across partner services.

** Requirements:
- Understanding deeply each partner’s nature to leverage and customize solution.
- Requirements Practical knowledge about User Experience.
- Should be able to develop UX concepts & mockups.
- Passionate about design and continual improvement, obsessed with both qualitative & quantitative data but must maintain a natural instinct for crafting experiences.
- Able to view in broad picture and interaction details, but not pixel perfect.
- Dedicated to delivering on the team’s goals in a realistic time frame.
- Mastery of Wireframe & Prototype tools. Basic knowledge for customer analytics.
- Decent skills with mockup tools such as Sketch, Figma, Balsamiq...
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