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HappyFresh wants you (if you convince us you should be our UX Designer!)

HappyFresh is the leading grocery shopping app in South East Asia. We are present in multiple cities across Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

When describing your digital work, you paraphrase Michelangelo: “The design is already complete within the screen, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to change the color of a few pixels.”
You have almost hypnotic powers to convince your stakeholders given your incredible ability to articulate your opinions and your talent to find a great solution to the problem of the day.
You can enjoy a fast-paced environment, and you push yourself to always find new ways to quickly test your work with real users.
You know the way to convince stubborn Product Managers of the right way of doing things.
You’re not afraid to stand your ground and argue your case when others disagree.
You’re passionate about primary research, and you feel itchy if you don’t speak with customers at least twice a month.
Your creativity is unparalleled, and you are now used to seeing joy in the eyes of people who are exposed to your work.

Below, the boring (but important!) stuff.


    • Gather and evaluate requirements in collaboration with Product Managers, UX Researchers, and various Stakeholders.
    • Craft intuitive, user-centered, and simple design to meet project goals and guide users throughout their journey. Test and iterate designs, always with an eye on localization.
    • Deliver and evolve on-brand visual elements, as well as cohesive experience across the entire HappyFresh product catalogue.
    • Maintain design guidelines & documentation.
    • Collaborate daily with a diverse set of specialists.


    • Have an excellent design portfolio.
    • Minimum 2 years of experience in UX design web and mobile products in at least one of our markets.
    • Previous experience in e-commerce.
    • Fluent in written and spoken English.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Have critical and creative thinking.
    • Well-organized and detail-oriented.
    • Passionate about creating the best experience for users.
    • Have a growth mindset and continuous self-improvement spirit.

See what it's like to work here: http://happyfresh.com/careers
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