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Posted 2y ago
We’re hiring a Lead Product Designer to design Brick's payment platform for home improvement projects. As the primary designer on the team, you'll be working closely with our product and engineering teams to create delightful, and useful software experiences for our users from ideation to launch/iteration. This includes owning the design cycle for new features/experiences and leading user research sessions. Most importantly, you will have significant autonomy, ownership, and impact throughout the product cycle to drive the product roadmap. If you love working on early stage products in a small, tight-knit environment, then we encourage you to apply!

About Brick:
Brick(YC W21) is the safest way to pay for home improvement projects. Home improvement projects rank second to used auto sales in total number of consumer complaints per year, and are consistently ranked as the most financially expensive complaints. We build trust in the transaction by removing the payment negotiations and aligning incentives between homeowners and contractors. For our homeowners we offer a standard $500 initial deposit and a safe and easy checkout experience (including financing options) once the project is done. For our contractors we offer a guaranteed initial deposit up to 80% and instant payments at project milestones and completion.

What You'll Work On

    • Manage the full design cycle for each new feature/experience on the platform, including idea conception, user research, competitive analysis, UX design, prototyping, ticket creation/scoping through collaboration with developers, user acceptance/usability testing, and usage analytics
    • Idea Conception: Proactively identify opportunities to improve the product through inputs like customer success (e.g. Intercom tickets), sales (e.g. prospective clients), product roadmap, product analytics, and ongoing user satisfaction/feature scoping interviews
    • User Research: Advocate for the users' needs through developing user personas, leading user/stakeholder interviews, and organizing user research into actionable insights.
    • Competitive Analysis: Identify relevant competitors (direct or tangential), familiarize yourself with their products features (strength, limitations, use cases etc.), and incorporate inspirations into Brick's designs
    • UX Design: Map out and optimize user flows for intuitiveness, simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Design the optimal user flow and identify reasonable sub-userflows that can be standalone based on must-have, nice-to-have, and too-good-to-be-true categories
    • Prototyping: Create Figma UI wireframes at various levels of fidelity to be used to gather feedback and for development
    • Feature creation/scoping through collaboration with engineers: Work closely with the developers to communicate requirements, scope out the complexity of features, and identify tradeoffs/timelines.
    • User acceptance/usability Testing: Conduct platform testing on the development environment to ensure feature was designed to specification and identify further development work if required prior to launch
    • Usage Analytics: Implement and track product usage analytics post-launch through techniques like A/B testing, cohort analysis, etc. to understand how users are using Brick and identify further opportunities for improvements. Strive for the ideal process where no feature is designed until the metric/analytics is in place to track the supposed feature.
    • Design Process: Establish internal tools, systems, and processes (like UI pattern toolkits, design communication standards, user research tracking, and stakeholder meetings) to optimize the design cycle
    • High-Level Design: Work with the rest of the leadership team to provide input to the Product Roadmap and ensure coherent design + experience across all aspects of the platform (in-house, integrations, partnerships, etc.)
    • End-to-End Design: Collaborate with adjacent teams to define and optimize the end-to-end customer journey, from first impression and consideration, to engagement, purchase, onboarding, pilot/trial, upselling, and referral
    • Leadership: Help recruit, onboard, mentor, and manage a growing team of designers
    • Client Management: Support, participate in, and lead conversations/relationships with clients with regards to requirements scoping, product feedback, and presentation of new features

You'll Be Successful With Us If

    • You have built sophisticated consumer products. You’ve led the execution of multi-featured products and are comfortable shipping products from scratch to production.
    • You’ve worked in early-stage startups and know how to operate effectively in ambiguity and fast-paced environments.
    • You are a strong full-stack engineer who is extremely comfortable writing front-end and back-end code, as well as building mobile applications.
    • You understand and deliver delightful user experiences. You don’t need to be a designer, but you must believe in the importance of design and be very comfortable participating in the discussion and planning of the user experience with our designer.
    • You are an effective collaborator and relationship builder. You’ve worked with cross-disciplinary teams in the past to create and ship products.

Technical Skills

    • Has a practical understanding of creating usable, accessible, and sustainable design; as the company and product evolve, we require a forward-thinking designer to think beyond the product today and help shape the product tomorrow
    • Is able to produce beautiful, usable designs driven by strategic UX thinking shaped by business needs, user needs, and technical restraints
    • Is fluent with Figma and ready to contribute to our growing design system
    • Can speak the language of the tech—and if not, is more than willing to learn. We don't require you to be fluent, but you will be expected to work very closely with Engineering to provide context and recommendations around your designs

Our Team Priorities: We use a simple 'X over Y" prioritization structure to help our team and investors understand our strategy and how we execute

    • Simplicity over Complexity: This should be palpable from every part of our product and culture. Customers suffer in unnecessarily complex financial products.
    • Experience over Pedigree: Having a strong degree can help, but we prefer experience in building products for customers that solve both difficult emotional and financial challenges.
    • Empathy over Theory: Homeownership is a challenge that faces Americans from all backgrounds. Having a team that can empathize with those experiences is paramount for us.
    • Diversity over Homogeneity: Diversity, in all senses of the word, is important to our long-term growth and success. We believe that a company's stance on diversity is established in the first few hires and investors, and we're looking to continue our strong stance. 60% of our team and investors are people of color and/or women.
    • Business Focus over Technical Opportunities: We focus on building our competitive advantage(s) in business logic and software systems, and aren't afraid to outsource libraries/services when such a move increases velocity on our critical path.

Salary and Benefits

    • Competitive salary and equity in a early stage start-up
    • Access to comprehensive health benefits (health, dental, medical)
    • Flexibility of remote-first team environment
    • Professional development opportunities - to all employees we offer subsidies for classes for personal and professional development

We're Building a Team Culture Of

    • Seeking and embracing a diversity of thought, perspectives, experiences and skills
    • Excellent, respectful, and proactive communication about work, personal needs, and expectations.
    • Learning, curiosity, self-awareness, and personal growth
    • Interest in the depth and complexity of human & emotional experience related to home ownership and money

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