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Full TimeUI/UX Design₤30K - ₤35K ₤30000 - ₤35000 per year
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UI/UX Designer

Key Facts 

Company: Bot-Hive

Start Date: 1st May 2022 (or sooner if possible)

Website: https://www.bot-hive.com

Job Title: UI/UX Designer

Salary: Up to £35,000

Line Manager: CTO/CEO

Contract Type: Full Time 

Hours of Work: 9 am - 5.30 pm with flexi time and flexi location 

Place of Work: Hybrid/Bristol/Cardiff

Career Prospect: We’re a startup, so we’re looking for future leaders of the company!


Ok, so what’s this all about?  Well in short, we’re an early-stage tech startup company based out of Bristol & Cardiff with European presence in Amsterdam and our goal is to build the leading online platform for robotics, AI and autonomous systems.  The business has just gone through a significant seed funding round which gives us an 18-month runway to disrupt the way robotics are purchased and sold in the UK and globally.  We’re looking for a UI/UX Designer  to join our team to play an integral role in the full release of our new platform.  Beyond that, the job will be focused on developing, innovating and improving our existing offering as well as adding to it.  

The Company

We’re on a mission to put robotics systems into every manufacturing and logistics company in the world.


Bot-Hive is an early-stage tech startup based in Bristol.   Bot-Hive is an online platform designed to enable engineers of all sizes to find the right robot solution for their organization.  Our platform will be the first of its kind for the robotics and industrial automation industry and we aim to disrupt the systems integration market with a digital approach to robotics systems knowledge sharing and systems integration.   Our ambition is to reach Series A funding in the next 18 months which will help scale the business across the rest of Europe and into the US.  All new employees will play a pivotal role in helping the business achieve this goal.

Things We Look For

For any team in any organization to succeed, we believe there needs to be a unique blend of hard work, team unity and kick-ass skills.  This section is all about identifying the right characteristics in you to ensure we’re the right fit for you and you are for us.  Here are a number of key traits that we recognize in ourselves and therefore must recognise in you, for a match to happen and flourish:


  • Love what you do.  Working for an early-stage startup and working for Bot-Hive means more than a standard job to all of us.  It will need to mean more than an average 9 to 5 Monday - Friday to you, for this to work out.


  • Be open-minded and be willing to learn.  As a team, we have a vision but the road to getting there is an unknown one.  We don’t have all the answers upfront so we’re going to have to work things out as we go, so it’s important you’re able to approach your work with a truly open mind and be willing to change course as we run into different hurdles. 


  • Low ego.  We all have egos, that’s what makes us unique and individual.  However, you must be willing to receive criticism and onboard feedback without taking it personally.  A lot of people say they can do it,  but when push comes to shove, they tend to get defensive and offer resistance.


  • Be entrepreneurial and be curious.  In each and every one of us, we are 

entrepreneurs, we’re risk-takers, we’re the sort of people that like to swim upstream, not downstream.  Do you consider yourself that type of person?


  • Be creative, bold and disruptive.  Here at Bot-Hive we’re building something that’s not been done before.  This is a blank canvas so we’re looking for people that get turned on by that, not turned off.  How far can you push boundaries?

The Job


The role of the UI/UX Designer is to create engaging and immersive user experiences, that are not only a joy to use but also drive the user to interact with the platform in a meaningful way.  We're starting a greenfield project where we will build a new platform with the ability for users to query our vast catalogue of products, communicate with their peers and upload their own products. The successful candidate will need a strong portfolio showing work they've created for other functional platforms, the ability to solve complex problems using UX design and great communication skills - as they will be working heavily with the CEO/CTO to create the platform.


Technical Skills & Experience 

  • Figma/AdobeXD/Sketch
  • Strong portfolio
  • Previous experience creating user platforms is a must
  • Experience creating digital designs that can be easily picked up by frontend developers

The Interview Process

There are 3 stages to the interview process.


  1. Video conference call with the two co-founders.  The purpose of this is to better understand you as an individual and decide whether there is a cultural fit with our existing and future company ethos.
  2. Technical interview with the CEO and CTO at our office. You will be asked to present your work and talk it through whilst carrying out technical based questioning from our CTO.
  3. Meet the team and spend time with us for up to half a day.  The amount of time you spend with us is entirely up to you.  This is your opportunity to see what it’s really like to work with us.  This will conclude with a final chat.  If successful, we will notify you that you have got the job which will be followed by external due diligence and reference checks.


So that’s the process from our side.  That said, please feel free to add your own flavour to this.  We love individuality and we love people that choose to stand out from the crowd.  Anyone can say they are creative and disruptive in an interview, but very few actually prove it from the outset; So be bold, we dare you!

We will do our very best to respond to all applications, but if you don’t hear back from us it’s nothing personal, just a high volume of applications and lack of resource at our end!

Thank you for your interest in our company.  We wish you every success in your search for your next job.

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