Senior UI/UX Designer

Urban Health

About Us

Urban Health is a global stress-tech company. We're reimagining wellness for the 21st century by bringing the best of personal coaching, psychology, biofeedback and premium content. We help people calm their anxiety and sleep soundly. Our mission is to make it effortless to learn and to inspire you to pause, breathe and relax and unwind daily.

What we're looking for

We are looking for a Senior Product Designer who can spearhead our design team and build beautiful experiences for our users. We have a rapidly growing product which is catalyzed by a fast-paced environment. Nimbleness matched with efficacy are intrinsic qualities to this role.

A great fit for this role will love talking to others about their work in structured and unstructured settings. A person who thinks great product design ideas can come from anyone in the company, and has an open ear to those perspectives.

What we’ll accomplish together:

    • Execute end-to-end design efforts across all our platforms, from conception with stakeholders to final implementation with engineering.
    • Balance working on multiple projects at once, applying yourself to a variety of contexts in parallel.
    • Include a variety of perspectives into the design process. Leveraging the diverse talent and knowledge in the office to elevate your work and the product.
    • Utilize a wide gamut of methodologies to effectively communicate product and designs ideas.
    • Attention to detail with engineering implementation, and the ability to integrate into engineering and QA processes to ensure high quality execution.
    • Research other offerings in the digital subscription and health/wellness space to best understand industry trends.
    • Promote and evangelize best practices, design tooling, with a mentality for efficiency and simplicity.

You should recognize yourself in the following...

    • You take pride in designing simple, human-centered experiences that appeal to a broad audience. Balancing design forward thinking with approachability.
    • Must have experience with Figma or Adobe XD. Also, a healthy interest in learning new tools as they become viable.
    • Proven understanding and experience with user research, interface design, interaction design, and prototyping.
    • Worked with maintaining, adding to, or creating design systems.
    • Experienced in conducting customer research and usability sessions.
    • Proven track record in working closely with Product Managers to develop and refine product requirements, creating solutions, and getting buy-in from stakeholders.
    • Excited and knowledgeable about the technical capacities and differences between Web, iOS, and Android.


    • Health insurance: Complete health cover for employee and family. Complete health cover for employee and family.
    • Competitive espos: When we solve the most important problem of our time, we are rightly rewarded.
    • Latest gadgets: Have fun and play with the latest tech devices and gadgets.
    • Your growth is on us: Knowledge, mind or body. Keep building the growth muscles. We take care of any membership or subscription that helps you achieve the same.
    • Internal flexibility: You can start as a data analyst and get into the product, you can start as a marketer and end up in design. We're ok with you growing professionally internally, in unique ways. In fact, we take pride in this.

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